Adding a site to search engines is not enough - how to speed up indexing?

Before the person who created the Internet resource,especially beginners, a lot of questions arise: how to add a site to search engines, how to promote a site in search engines, how to check the position of the site in search engines and many others. All these actions are aimed at solving one very specific task - attracting visitors to the site and creating a permanent audience for them, which makes it possible to achieve the main goal of representing a particular company or product on the Internet - making a profit.

Below, an attempt will be made to understand howto speed up the influx of visitors from search engines, because it's easy to add a site to search engines and wait for visitors to pay attention to it - it's completely wrong, and does not bring the desired fruits, or brings, but after a rather long time.

So, after that the resource is created and placed on thehosting, you need to add a site to the search engines, and then work to accelerate the indexing of the site. By the way, the question of how to speed up the indexing of the resource by search engines is the most common on the webmasters forums. And this is not surprising, because many aspects depend on indexing: the position of the resource in search engines, the number of attendance they bring, the popularity of the site, etc. There are many ways to speed up indexing, but we'll focus on the most effective, and most importantly free, methods that will forever solve the issue of how to promote the site in search engines. Total of such methods 7.

1. Create a site map for Google in xml format. To create maps in the formats html and xml, you can use the online generator XML, which allows processing up to 500 pages for free. After the site map is generated, it must be saved in the root of the resource in xml format. In order for the xml-map to be seen by the Google search engine, you need an account in Google Webmaster, and adding a link to the Sitemap menu. The type of the line is the site_name / sitemap.xml. Many webmasters note that if you add a site to search engines in this way, in particular, Google's robot comes to the resource much more often. Among other things, this Google service, created specifically for webmasters, offers a wide range of other useful options.

2. Creation of html site map in 1 click from the page, which links to each page of the resource, that is, the main page. In the event that the number of pages is large, it is necessary to divide the site map into several parts-pages. Link to the site map should be placed on all its pages.

3. Registration in Yandex.Webmaster and adding your site to the service. This allows you not only to add a site to search engines, but also to perform indexing analysis of resource pages by Yandex, and also to use other useful functions for the webmaster.

4. Registration in catalogs is a very useful and effective promotion tool. Here you can select two methods - automatic registration and registration of the site manually. In the latter case, you have to prepare for a long and painstaking work to add the site to the catalogs, and in case of automatic registration, you need to spend some money for the purchase of a specialized program.

5. Organization of RSS-translation of materials from the resource, and registration of RSS-feed in specialized RSS-directories. This method allows you to organize the publication of announcements of site materials on other resources.

6.Writing one or more unique articles and placing them in article directories. The article should have from two to four links to the main page of the promoted resource, or to its internal pages.

7.The last advice for those wishing to speed up the indexation of the site by search engines is to work on the creation of competent internal linking. On each page there should be 2-3 links to the main page. The site menu should be duplicated. You can also organize additional links to the main menu sections on each page of the resource.

Of course, a list of methods to acceleratepromotion of the site is not limited to the above. It is only necessary to understand that simply adding a site to search engines is not enough - you need a lot of work to promote and then the result will not be long in coming.