How can I restore my account in the Play Store if I lose my password?

"Play Store" - a convenient application for mobilegadgets running on the operating system "Android", which simplifies the search, installation and update programs. Any user can wonder how to restore an account in the "Play Store", because at any time the system can exit the profile after rebooting the device, reinstalling the system or returning to the factory settings.

how to restore an account in the play market

Ways to restore a personal profile in the "Play Store"

A person who has not written down a password can simplyforget, and this will block all applications attached to this account, including the Play Market itself. If this happens, then the option to restore the Google Play Store account is to contact Google Account Recovery. But this method is not always convenient.

If there was a question on how to restoreaccount in the "Playmarket", you can solve it yourself: with the help of personal data specified at registration, and without them. The second method is much more complicated than the first one and is designed for situations where the mobile phone number or the owner's e-mail address were not tied to the account.

Restoring your account with your personal information

In this case, the recovery should be done quickly, because the server does not specify the exact time to delete the account.

how to restore the account password in the play market

How to restore an account in the "Play Store", inIf the owner has forgotten the password and other contact information was indicated during registration? You can do this with the help of an attached phone number or email address. If no personal data has been synchronized with your Google account, then the owner will need to answer a few questions to verify the identity.

The action plan, how to restore the account password in the "Play Store", is as follows:

  1. You need to go to the Google Account Recovery page, select "I do not remember the password". Then click "Continue".
  2. On the new page you need to enter the phone number attached to the account or an email address in the field. Then click "Continue".
  3. If the recovery is by phone number, thenon it will send an SMS with a confirmation code, which you need to enter in the field. Then click "Continue". If the recovery is via email, then it will receive a letter with all instructions.
  4. Then a transfer to the recovery page will occur, where the owner will be asked to come up and enter a new password in the appropriate field.

Such an option for resolving the issue of how to restoreaccount in the "Play Store", it takes no more than five minutes, thanks to the binding of mobile phone number or email address to the account. If the owner's profile was not tied, then the procedure will take much longer.

Restoring an account without using personal information

In the event that a number or mail was not attached to the account, it is necessary to perform a slightly more complicated sequence of actions:

  1. You need to go to the Google Account Recovery page and select the "I do not remember" item. Then click "Continue".
  2. On the new page, choose "Do not know". Then click "Continue".
  3. Next, the system will ask the owner to answer a few questions that will confirm his identity. These questions should be answered as precisely as possible.
  4. If the test is successful, the system will prompt you to come up with a new password.

recover account google play market

Questions that are set by the system are sufficientcomplex. The account owner will have to try very hard to answer them. Google Account Recovery most often asks the date of the last login, the date of creation, file names, e-mail addresses. Therefore, if there is a question about how to restore an old account in the "Playmarket", this method will be quite complicated. After all, the necessary data may no longer be available. And the more detailed the owner will answer these questions, the higher the probability that the server will restore his account.


After changing the password in your Google Account, you'll need to sync it with the Play Market app. It is especially difficult to do this on the phone.

how to restore an old account in the play market

There are several ways to synchronize a new password with the application:

  1. You need to launch the Play Market on your phone. If the application requests a new password, it must be entered, thereby completing the synchronization.
  2. If the application does not ask for a password, thenyou need to go to the phone settings and select "Applications", then Gmail. Click on "Forced stop", then "Clear the cache." Then repeat the previous method.
  3. If none of the above methodshelped, it is necessary to create a backup copy of the data and the Play Market application (if there are other applications on the phone, they also need to be copied). Then go to the settings and click "Accounts and sync." Then select "Google account" and delete the account. Next, you need to add a copy of the saved account and repeat the steps from the first method.

Thus, the account in the Play Market app will be fully restored.


To leave the applicationI had to restore my profile for a long time, when registering or after it (by editing personal data), you should link the contacts (mail or phone number) and write the invented passwords in a specially designated place (a paper notebook or a text file on the computer).