Bitcoin: how to get the address on "Webmani"?

Most recently, the name "bitcoin" was known onlysome specialists in IT and Internet business, but even now the child knows what "minit", "satoshi" and "crypto-currency" are. And this is not surprising, since the bitcoin rate against the major world currencies is growing very fast. Everyone who predicted the fall of the crypto-currency system in the near future was deeply mistaken. Those who bet on an unusual currency, were not afraid to risk and put money into bitcoin, broke a good jackpot. What is bitcoin? How to get it?

bitcoin how to get

Bitcoin wallet (Bitcoin wallet) - speciala software application that allows you to store bitcoins and perform various operations with this currency: pay for goods and services, exchange them for electronic money and the currency of other countries, accept payments and transfer money to other users.

Wallets for bitcoin: how to get it?

To date, for operations with bitcoincreated a huge number of different resources. There are so many of them that an unprepared user can have problems in choosing one. How to get bitcoin-address? First you need to familiarize yourself with the features of each service: the presence of the Russian language, security, commission for transactions and much more.

how to get bitcoin address

Best purse bitcoin

On the official Bitcoin website, you can find a list ofmost popular wallets for Internet browsers, mobile devices and computers. Almost all of them are in Russian, which makes it easier to work with Bitcoin. To select a purse that fits all criteria, you will have to familiarize yourself with all the negative and positive properties of each.

Purse WMX from Webmoney for bitcoin: how to get?

If you did not manage to make a choice in favor of onefrom resources for bitcoins with the help of the list located on the official site, then you are always available to the services of another popular electronic place for storing money, which has successfully won well-deserved fame. In this case, this is the "Webmoney" system, in which the opportunity to open a counterpart of the purse bitcoin WMX was recently available. With it, you can not only carry out the same operations that are available in the traditional bitcoin wallet, but also take advantage of all the privileges of Webmoney.

INDX Transaction LTD is the guarantor ofWMX-purse. This is a well-known international exchange that trades in shares of foreign and Russian companies (Apple, IBM, Amazon, Google, etc.). How to get bitcoin-address in Webmoney?

how to get bitcoin address in webmail

In this system, the bitcoin rate is set tolevel 1BTC = 1000 WMX. You will be able to accept payments to your unique address after you open WMX in Webmoney. After six confirmations of your transaction in the global peer-to-peer crypto network, bitcoins are credited to WMX purse.

Payment system WebMoney allows you to conductcalculations in bitcoin. How to get this opportunity? To do this, you need to create a WMX purse. It can be credited more than 0.0001 BTC. There are restrictions on the withdrawal of the crypto currency: the purse holder has the right to withdraw at least 0.001 BTC.

How does the registration take place in WebMoney?

To complete the operation, the user musthave at least a formal certificate. This is necessary to confirm your personal data. The process of obtaining a formal certificate is quite simple and is described in detail on the website of the payment system.

First, take a photo of the first pagepassport and upload the photo in a special form. Data will be sent to the system administration check. The next day the information will be checked, and you will be able to perform operations with bitcoins.

how to get bitcoin address on webmoney

Service has the right to delay operations for a period ofup to two days. Such restrictions apply to users who have an initial or personal certificate. Owners of the formal certificate were even less fortunate. The delay in payment can be 4 days. Of course, the guarantor levies a commission, which is 0.8% of the transfer amount.

Before you get the bitcoin address on the"Webmoney", you need to study the issue of interest. There are restrictions on the amount of the commission. It must not be less than 0.01 WMX. The maximum amount of interest can not be more than 50 WMX, so the user is unprofitable to make small payments.

Advantages of Webmoney

Among the advantages of using the service are:

1.You can exchange bitcoins for rubles at any time. In the future, they can be displayed on a card or pay for goods in an online store. This is very convenient, as many users prefer to cook on the Internet. Many users earn money in electronic form.

2.Impressive and security system Webmoney. In many respects it surpasses other payment systems. To pass the identification, the user needs to enter personal information. A copy of the passport, loaded on the service, undergoes a thorough check. In addition, each participant in the system is assigned a business level, which increases the level of trust in a person. A high level indicates the reliability of the payment system participant.

how to make bitcoin address

How to register Bitcoin wallet in WebMoney system

To start, you need to register an account withsystem WebMoney. After registration, log in to Keeper and go to the "Purses" tab. Now click on the menu item "Create wallet". Click the "Next" button. You will see a list of purses with title signs.

Login to the site of the payment system and look at the upper right corner. It should have the identifier of your WMID. Go to the refill page after receiving the requisites for entering WMX.

How to make bitcoin-address? When creating a purse, the system automatically generates a unique address, which is necessary for performing transactions with the crypto currency.

Replenishment of bitcoin-purse

Do you want to earn Satoshi? Use the received purse address on the sites that distribute bitcoins. You can also earn bitcoin if you use mining.

The peculiarity of the calculations is the fact that inThe user's wallet is reflected in amounts that are multiples of 1000 satoshs. Do not worry if small amounts are not received. They do not disappear anywhere. Small amounts accumulate in your account. To see the amount of underexploited crypto currency, go to the website of the system and click on the "Add Deduct" button.