How to install WordPress on SSD-hosting?

SSD Web Hosting is a newgeneration virtual service, which involves placing sites on a separate server computer with an SSD hard drive. These disks provide high speed of loading, as well as better stability of operation. Due to the use of new technologies, sites that are hosted on such tariff packages are loaded much faster, while not only the overall speed of work increases, but also the speed of data exchange.

What is SSD hosting?

Modern ssd hosting is more progressive and promising inthe field of providing web services. Server computers are practically the same as usual, but SSDs are installed instead of standard hard disks. This type of device works in a different scheme, so data exchange is performed at a higher speed and, accordingly, the speed of downloading virtual pages increases. Thanks to the use of these discs, the user can use powerful software and complex CMS. In addition to speed, the SSD can reduce the load on the server machine, which in the end will provide an opportunity to use more physical resources of the PC.

Installing WordPress on an SSD

The popular CMS WordPress engine is suitable forInstallation on disks of type SSD. For example, on a hosting provider, you can use a special tariff plan and upload files to the server in the minimum amount of time. About, how to install wordpress on the server computer can be read on the official website of the host provider. In addition, the user can get expert help on the installation.

The procedure for installing the CMS on the server:

1. Preparation of the allocated place for loading;
2. Connecting and downloading engine files;
3. Installation with the setting of key parameters;
4. Performance testing of components;
5. Domain connection.

The installation process for CMS WP on SSD is not differentfrom the usual, however it takes a minimum period of time. To launch a website on this platform using disks of this type, no special software is required. For small portals on it is possible to order an inexpensive package with support for SSL certificates and free domain names. It is worth noting that you can install CMS WordPress "in one click" thanks to the availability of special software-designers. A big advantage of this platform is the high speed of installation, which takes about 3-5 minutes. If you need help, you can contact technical support for web hosting.