Where and how to buy bitcoin for webmoney, for kiwi, for rubles

The digital currency bitcoin appeared in 2009thanks to some mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto. Previously, this currency was considered exclusively virtual, but today there are physical bitcoins-coins already.

how to buy bitcoin

The cost of bitcoin from the day it was createdrapidly grow up. In February 2010, 1 unit of crypto currency was worth about 22 dollars, but in April the price of bitcoin reached 266 dollars. According to all forecasts, the price of this crypto currency will increase, as its quantity is limited. Today, about half of the planned reserves have already been mined, so there is still an opportunity to purchase such a valuable currency. Many can say that this is not real money. Bitcoin, however, gradually breaks all doubts about this.

Why bitcoin? Advantages of crypto currency

  1. Decentralized currency. All bitcoin operations occur on the network anonymously. No special service will be able to determine for what and to whom the currency was transferred.
  2. Bitcoin made a good alternativeexisting money. With its help you can easily pay for goods and services on the Internet. And even in real life there are countries in which the bitcoins are officially accepted along with traditional money.
  3. Bitcoin is not taxed. For today, this currency is not official, so you can buy it for an order of magnitude cheaper.
  4. International currency. You can calculate bitcoin in any country in the world without using exchangers. The course is the same everywhere, all the calculations can be carried out with one purse.

how to buy bitcoins in Russia

5. Bitcoin can not be controlled by anyone. This is a democratic currency, which can not affect even the most powerful politicians.

6. Operations in the block system occur almost without commission, which allows you to transfer large amounts of money to the other end of the world, while virtually nothing is lost.

7. Bitcoin can not be faked.

How to get bitcoin?

money bitcoin

Earn bitcoin or buy it!To this, everyone is calling today, who somehow understands online earnings. Everyone can stock up the bitcoins today. For this, you do not even need to invest. However, without investment, one can count only on full employment, which ultimately leads to a small income. Therefore, it is better not to withdraw immediately earned kopecks, and properly invest them. The production of bitcoin in the network occurs mainly on so-called cranes, which distribute coins for free. There are a lot of them on the Internet, but there are the most profitable and honestly paying. First you need to register bitcoin-purses, where your coins will be stored. They will also be needed when buying bitcoins for money. Where to buy bitcoins for rubles, will be described below.

earn bitcoin

Reliable bitcoin-wallets:

  1. "Blocking." The simplest wallet, but a commission is charged for the transaction.
  2. "Haro". The best wallet without commission for transfer. Mandatory account verification is required.

Purchase bitcoins for cash

Many, not wishing to spend precious time innetwork, are wondering how to buy bitcoin for cash. Today it is very easy to do this. It is enough to register electronic purses for "Kiwi" or "Webmoney". They can easily transfer cash from a card or terminal, and then buy bitcoins. You can also use the services of monitoring site bitcoin of exchangers, such as askoin.com, where information on reliable exchange offices has already been collected, or to use the services of some exchanges. Where to buy bitcoin? Consider the most profitable ways.

How to buy bitcoin for webmoney?

How to buy bitcoins in Russia with a minimumcommission? If there is such a question, the "Webmoney" service can help in its solution. It is enough to have a confirmed formal certificate, which will create a purse for storing bitcoins on the Webmani. It's called WMX. One WMX title equals 0.001 BTC. Accordingly, 1 bitcoin will be 1000 WMX. The amount of WMX purse can not be less than 0,0001 BTC. When transferring bitcoins to other wallets, a standard commission of "Webmoney" is charged at a rate of 0.8%. If you just need to save money in the crypto currency, you can leave them in the "Webmoney" system. The guarantor of property rights is INDX Transactions LTD.

where to buy bitcoin

The sequence of buying bitcoins for webmoney:

  1. Create a WMX purse.
  2. Go to the exchange of currency exchange, buy for rubles bitcoins, using the title signs WMR and WMX.
  3. Transfer funds to the bitcoin-purse or leave them in the "Webmoney" system.

This method is the simplest and less expensive.The advantage is that you can buy a small amount. In this case, the exchanger is unprofitable to use, since often the commission there may even exceed the purchase amount. Now you should not have any question how to buy bitcoins in Russia.

Exchange kiwi for bitcoin

where to buy bitcoins for rubles

You can buy the crypto currency for "Kiwi" using the exchange service 60cek.com. The network is abundant in many resources, thanks towhich can sell, buy or exchange real or electronic money for crypto currency. The exchanger acts as an intermediary, who accepts rubles or another currency for a kiwi-purse, in exchange for providing bitcoins at this exchange rate. Bitcoins arrive at the purse, which should be open and verified at that time. Transactions through exchangers are carried out quickly and safely. But before using this or that service it is necessary to check it for fraud. One of the main disadvantages of this method is the high exchange commission. Moreover, the exchange rate can also be disadvantageous.

Purchase through the exchange

At the exchange, the exchange takes place between real people.Often, the terms and conditions for the purchase of currency on the exchange are more profitable than in the exchanger. Moreover, the exchange acts as a kind of guarantor of that all obligations of each participant will be fulfilled. How to buy bitcoins for kiwi on the stock exchange? To do this, you need to register on any exchange that conducts these operations, replenish the account through a kiwi-purse and apply for the purchase of the correct amount of bitcoins.

Direct purchase

How to buy bitcoin for kiwi without intermediaries?This can be done independently without resorting to the services of outside organizations. To do this, you need to find a person who would agree to sell you krypto currency for kiwi. In the network, you can find many similar suggestions. This is especially beneficial if you are sure of your counterparty. The method is quite attractive, since it is conducted without additional commission. But the risk of stumbling onto a fraudster is also great.

If you do not have the funds, but you would like to havethough small, but a stock of Crypto-currency, it is also possible. "Make a bitcoin without attachments!" - such a call can be seen on many sites offering online income. You can study the reviews about them, choose the most reliable and gradually accumulate cryptonyms. The forecasts for the bitcoin rate are quite optimistic, so even a small amount in the future can become a good capital.