Original pillow with your own hands. Ideas for Creativity

Gifts made by hand have a specialvalue, because in addition to the forces and time, they are embedded in a piece of heat and good. The original pillow with your own hands can also become an interesting gift to a friend, husband or mother-in-law. For the child, you can sew a pillow-toy, which will decorate the room and entertain the child. If you have at least initial sewing skills, then such a thing will not be difficult to do.


Every housewife dreams of coziness and beautyhis house. You can diversify the interior, adding to it the original sofa cushions. For example, on an existing cushion you can sew a satin ribbon, making small ruffles. Or decorate it with lace. Another option for decorating is embroidery. It can be done on a special machine or manually.

An interesting idea may be a pillow from the oldjeans. Such a thing is very multifunctional: in addition to its direct duties, it will play the role of a warehouse for often lost things, for example, the remote from the TV, glasses or cell phone. And you can make a few decorative pillowcases and change them in the mood. The red pillow will mean that everything is fine, green - you are calm, black - you are in anger. And the husband, having come from work, will see what color is today, and will know how to behave today.

For loved ones as a gift

Such an original pillow with your own hands is donejust and suitable for a gift to the Day of all lovers. For this we need a pillow, a pillowcase of monochromatic color, red knitted fabric, threads, scissors and a pencil.

Original pillow with your own hands
If there is no ready pillow, then it can be sewn(the size is 50 * 50 cm). Then we cut the heart out of the tissue. We superimpose the details on each other and sew on the pillowcase with the cross strips with a distance between them of 3 cm. After you have completed all the seams, the sewn heart should be cut (exactly between the seams).

Knitted cushions

To add warmth and coziness to the atmosphere of the house, a crocheted cushion with knitting needles or crochet will do.

Original pillow with your own hands
Yarn for knitting is better to take a thick: so it will be better to see the texture, and the process of creation will go much faster. For inexperienced knitters, this variant of the pattern, like the pattern "putanka", is suitable. It is also called a "pearl pattern". The number of loops should be a multiple of two.

  • 1 row: front, purl.
  • 2nd row: purl, facial.

It turns out that the loop, which we knitted in the previous row, is also tied with the front one. The picture comes out in checkerboard pattern - simple, but very interesting and beautiful.

You can make a pillowcase on a pillow from the olda knitted sweater or a sweater. It's also a good idea to make a product in the "patchwork" technique, but then you need to work with a crochet hook. Any yarn remains will be used. From them we knit a lot of different squares, which then we connect by crochet along the perimeter. Bright and cheerful pillows are obtained.

Pillows toys

The interior of the children's room can also beto diversify. The original pillow, made with his own hands in the form of a soft toy, will delight the child for more than one year. In addition, it can not only lie down, but also play. Patterns of original pillows can be prepared by the samples below. For example, sew a legendary and beloved pet Pet.

Original pillow with your own hands
To do this, we take a fleece cloth of browncolor and from it we will cut out two details. For one detail, we sew our eyes and embroider our mouth. Then we sew the parts together, leaving a small opening for stuffing. As a filler, you can use sintepon, holofayber or cotton wool. From what kind of stuffing for the stuffing you will use, it depends whether there will be soft pillows or not.

original cushions

Girls probably like the pillow in the form ofKitty pussy. Here you can choose a fabric with a higher pile, for example, velor or mahru. Also we cut out two details and on the front side of one of them we embroider a muzzle. Then we sew them together by hand or by hand. The bow is done separately, we fill it with filler and sew it to the ready-made cushion.


To date, at the peak of the popularity of pillowsletters. You can use them for their intended purpose to study the alphabet with young children or decorate the sofa by putting a name on it. Such an original pillow with their own hands is sewn a little more complicated than the previous ones.

To get started, you need to decide on the sizeletters. If you are going to make one initial of your name, then it should be large enough, up to 50 cm in size. If you sew the name completely, you can limit yourself to a size of 30 cm. As toys for children, you can make small letters 10 cm in size. So , the size is selected.

Now draw a pattern on paper in naturalvalue. To build a pattern, it is best to use a millimeter paper: the price is not high, and the pattern will be accurate. It should be taken into account that such letters as B, C, and K can not be turned in the opposite direction - proceeding from this, it is necessary to observe the layout of the pattern when cutting to the fabric. The best way to do this is to fold the fabric with the inside sides, then connect the material with pins and cut out two pieces at once. The pattern on the side details is not built: it simply takes a long rectangle, equal to the conceived width of the letter, and sewn along the contour of the pillow. On all the details we make allowances for the seam. Also, when constructing a pattern, it must be taken into account that when the pillow is filled with a synthepon it will lose about 2-3 cm.

Pillows for pregnant women

Well, you can not bypass the pillow in the form of a horseshoe.

Soft pillows
Here it is no longer about beauty and style, but about comfort andconvenience. People who often have a backache, or pregnant women can not do without it. You can put it not only under your back, but under your head during sleep. And when the baby is born, it can be put on a pillow to feed. In this situation, the nursing mother will not get tired of the back, and feeding the baby will be a real joy. And when the child grows up and learns to sit, it can be safely planted in the middle of the pillow, not being afraid that he will fall.

The sizes of such products vary, from 70 cm up toof average human growth, so if you decide to sew yourself such a thing, you need to stock up a large amount of sintepon and fabric for sewing. If you plan to use a pillow for a child, you need to sew two pillowcases with a zipper made of cotton.