Learning to Fit Trousers Properly

Surely everyone was faced with a situation wherejust bought a thing needs a little correction. For example, it is necessary to sew something, or to sew up trousers. But sometimes there is not enough time to carry a new dress in the studio. If you have a sewing machine at home, then it's not difficult at all to do it yourself. For work you will need a braid belt, a ruler and a piece of chalk.

Classic men's trousers: how to sew

This model of trousers has its own characteristics. In it, the braid can be sewn only on the back half of the product. This is necessary in order not to wear out the main fabric.

First, the man should wear pants to accuratelydetermine the length. You can try on a shoe in shoes, then the lower edge of the trouser should be placed between the heel part and the heel. If you measure the length without shoes, then the border of the fold should be five millimeters above the floor. Do not forget to make a mark with chalk or chop the pants with pins.

We mark the required length

Before you sew the trousers, you need to doaccurate markup. To do this, spread them on a flat surface. Draw two lines with soap or chalk. Do this with a ruler. The first is the cut line, the second is the length of the trousers in the finished form. The margin for the bend should be about five centimeters. The thickness of the fabric is also taken into account. The thinner it is, the less it is necessary to leave a reserve. On the bottom line, cut off excess fabric and use the overlock to process the bottom edge. The same can be done using a zigzag. Two millimeters above the inflection line, pritachayte pantsuits.

how to sew classic men's pants

You should know that the new trouser beltIt must be soaked in hot water, let it cool down, then it can be well evaporated. It is impossible to sew trousers with untreated new braid - during the washing of the product, it can shrink and pull down the trousers. Fold the fabric in such a way that two millimeters of braid are left on the front side. This is necessary so that the pants do not wear out prematurely. To tape first, you need hands to make it easier to sew and iron. Therefore, let's talk now about how to sew the trousers in hand.

You can use adhesive tape, paving itthe main cloth and the bend, then ironing with steam. True, this method has a significant drawback - during the washing process, the tape can become unstuck. Therefore, it is more reliable to simply sew the trousers by hand, with a thin needle with a thin thread.

how to sew the trousers in the hand


When the main work is finished, without removing the mark, iron both pants, then remove excess threads and iron the bottom of the trousers again.

Important details

Before filing trousers made of flax, denimcloth or cotton products, soak them for 30 minutes in warm water. Such things "sit down" when washing. Woolen pants do not need to be washed, they can be ironed well enough through a wet napkin made of gauze, in this case the wool gives maximum shrinkage.

Today you learned how to sew classicmen's trousers are correct. Now you can do it yourself, without the help of professionals. In the same way, you can also sew a skirt or a dress.