The most fashionable jackets for women, spring-summer 2013

Jacket is one of the basic elements of the femalewardrobe. It is practical, very convenient and suitable for both business style and evening out. Jackets, originally intended solely for men, at the dawn of their existence were sewn mostly in the style of military, which is extremely popular now and with the female. It is impossible to imagine a modern urban woman without a jacket or jacket.

Fashionable women's jackets spring-summer 2013are presented mainly in dark colors. Black, brown, brown, dark green, gray - these are their primary colors. The military style assumes the presence of lapels, wide belts, large buttons and even epaulettes. Despite such elements of decor, women's jackets in army style do not hide the femininity, and even on the contrary, emphasize the dignity of the figure.

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For romantic ladies fashionable women's jacketsspring-summer season 2013 are presented in the form of shortened jackets of light, pastel shades. You can wear such jackets with leggings, jeans, trousers with an inflated waist and even with magnificent skirts and light lace dresses. Jackets of women's light shades are perfect for summer evening walks - they will not only be an excellent addition to a chiffon dress or skirt, but also protect from the evening coolness or light wind. The combination of a jacket with jeans is a great option for every day, and with trousers for an office and business meetings.

Women's fashion jackets 2013are represented by models in Oriental style, tweed, in the style of Coco Chanel, and elongated - cardigans. In the spring and autumn, fur jackets remain actual. The best decoration for a fur jacket is a wide and spectacular belt. Elongated jackets also look great in combination with the belt - this visually makes the figure more slender, visually increases the length of the legs. However, brave and extravagant ladies in this season will be able to experiment, preferring deliberately rough, underlined-male models of boyfriend-style jackets. Famous designers prefer in this case the brightest and flashy colors - from coral-red to leopard print.

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Young girls actively attending parties andnightclubs, also did not remain without attention of fashion designers - they are offered a wide range of jackets from shiny fabrics. Female jackets for young and active are also represented by original models with short sleeves or even absolutely sleeveless. Long, reaching almost to the middle of the thigh, this jacket looks absolutely unsportsmanlike, unlike the classical vest.

The most fashionable women's jackets (photo)

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Despite the diversity of the model rangejackets, the most popular models of the spring-summer season will be classic, elongated or shortened, but certainly fitted models of calm colors combined with a belt, on one button, on a tape, or completely without buttons and any other fastenings. However, there are no strict recommendations for choosing a jacket in the spring-summer season of 2013, so each woman can choose a model to her liking, suitable for a specific situation.