Omaha - the rules of the game

Many professional poker players simplylove the game "Omaha". But what is this and what are the rules in "Omaha"? By and large, this is one of the varieties of "Texas Hold'em." However, even after retaining the basic rules, the structure of bets and this game, "Omaha" has its own interesting features.

Omaha rules

As already mentioned, in card gambling"Omaha" rules are the same as in "Texas Hold'em". The most significant difference is that the players are handed out in each game are not two, but four closed "pocket" cards. As in Hold'em, to win, you need to make the best combination, only of the five cards.

Here, and reveal the main secrets and rules of the gamein "Omaha" - in order to make up your own combination, a player can only use up to two of his so-called "pocket" cards out of four possible ones.

Very many novice players forget about it. And when four suit cards or four consecutive cards come to such players, then such beginners are often very happy, naively assuming that, in any coincidence with the already open cards on the board, they will automatically collect a straight or flush. But already at the showdown they are puzzled why they lost the pot.

rules of the game in Omaha
As in Texas Hold'em, there are someThe differences regarding the structure of rates. That's why in the game "Omaha" the rules may differ slightly depending on whether you play in a no limit, limit or pot-limit version. However, the most popular option here is a pot-limit and limit game, in contrast to "Hold'em."

The rules of the game "Omaha" and its structure, as alreadyit was said, the same as in Hold'em. There are four stages of trading - this is preflop, then there is a flop, then a turn, then the river. In fact, in the "Omaha" the rules are extremely simple. It is worthwhile to stop a little bit more at these stages of the game.

1. Just before the cards are dealt, the two players who are in the position to the left of the button (the button) place the small and big blinds (mandatory bets, with the small blind usually at least approximately half the big blind).

2. For each player, the dealer deals four cards. This is a pocket player card. After this, the first round of players' trades in "Omaha" (ie preflop). The player can call (call) or raise (raise), or he can decide to fold (fold).

rules of the game Omaha

3. After bargaining on the table, spread three common open cards (this is called a flop). Then again there is a circle of trade. If there were no bets, then players can say "check". The player can bet on a new round of betting (make a bet).

4. Next, another (fourth) common open card (the turn) is laid out. And again - another round of trade.

5. Finally, the last circle is the river. Again, the open last card is laid out - and again there is a circle of trades.

If all players call the river bets, then theyreveal their cards. The player who has collected the strongest combination of five cards (two of his pocket cards and three common ones) wins the pot. If the combinations are equal, then the pot is divided between players with these equal combinations (split-pot).

When composing a combination, you can use only one of your cards or even none (in the event that open public cards form a stronger combination).