Skirt trousers. Pattern and sewing technology

Skirt-pants - this is the perfect combinationfemininity and practicality in one thing, the secret of which is revealed only in movement. In fact, these are very wide pants that fit perfectly on the hips, and in the legs are so flared that they look like a skirt in appearance. They can be sewn from a variety of fabrics. For winter, woolen soft material, gabardine and so-called "suit" series are ideal. For the summer, it can be chiffon, cambric, silk and other light flowing fabrics, it is from these that a very feminine skirt-trousers will come out. The pattern of such a thing is built on the basis of simple trousers, which will not be difficult even for beginners in sewing.

skirt pants pattern

With what to wear

Depending on the coloring of the fabric, such a thingsuitable for a business meeting, for a walk and for a hike to visit or work. Combine the skirt-pants can be with absolutely any stitched top. It can be all kinds of sweaters, blouses, T-shirts and even tops. In cold weather, you can put on a short fitted jacket or knitted sweater.

How to build a pattern

Skirt-trousers - a thing very simple in construction. As already mentioned, the template is based on simple trousers of the right size.

short skirt shorts
To determine it, you need to remove such measurements:waist and hips. There is another version of the construction. If you use it, you can also get a great skirt-pants. Pattern in this case is done independently by stroking the contours of the details of your favorite jeans. Next, it will only be correct to fit the landing on the hips and waist, because the trousers here are made as flared as possible. It is important to note that the fabric trousers that are outlined, and the future product should be the same degree of extensibility. So, jeans are turned inside out, one leg is slipped into the other and they are laid out on paper or building film. Begin to traverse the details of the front and back cloths separately on the side and inner sections, gradually turning the trousers. Once the main lines are drawn, proceed with the modeling. First of all note the bottom of the product, then from the hip draw a line, making the necessary width of the leg. The result is a ready-made pattern. Skirtshorts are built on the same principle. At this stage, you also need to think about the fastener for the product. If it's a standard fly, like on all trousers, then you need to draw additional lines for it. If the model with a concealed zip from the side, it should be taken into account when adding allowances to the seams.
pattern skirt pants

The sewing process

So, how is the skirt-pants sewn?The pattern is ready, now you need to transfer it to the fabric, make the increments for processing the edges and the bottom of the product, you also need not forget about the belt or internal obtachku. At the beginning, the two back halves are sewn, then the front ones. If necessary, sew up the zipper, making out the fly. At this stage, you need to make all model pockets and lines. Then the turn behind the side and inner seams. They are combined, laid a line and processed by an edge-wrapping machine. After sewing a belt or obtachku, depending on which model skirt pants. The pattern of the firing is based on previously made templates. In fact, this is the strip of the top of the trousers, about 7-10 cm, which is sewn, closing the top section of the product, and fastened to the inner seams.