Chopinka - a skirt for these princesses

Chopinka is a skirt that even a novice seamstress can make. This product came to us from the world of ballet and is part of the stage costume of a dancer. Apparently, hence the name of the skirt.

Shopenka skirt

Master-class: a skirt-chopenko with your own hands for two hours

Girls and girls dream of looking light andair like ballerinas. The outfit of tulle will help create a cute image. In this master class we will consider how the simplest skirt-shopenka is sewn. Pattern for the product is not needed.

Prepare these materials:

  • tatin;
  • wide elastic band;
  • scissors.

You do not need a sewing machine to make a skirt. It will consist entirely of strips tied with an elastic band.

how to sew a skirt of tulle

How to calculate the size of strips

Measure the waist circumference. We take strips width of 15 cm. Their number should correspond to the waist. That is, if it is equal to 60 cm, then the strips should be the same.

The length of the strips is equal to the length of the article plus 6 cm. Additional centimeters will go to the node to which the strip will be attached.

Cut the strips. Sew the elastic band into the ring. Pull it on the back of the chair. In a circle, tie strips of tulle. Do not over tighten the knots so as not to deform the belt.

Tip: instead of gum you can use a satin ribbon, tying it then on the waist. She will decorate the product.

Sewing a shochinki on a pattern

Chopinka - a skirt that can be sewn differentways. Classical ballet tutu is very difficult to make. In this article, a simpler method is proposed, which a novice seamstress can handle.

Calculate the length of the fabric

Before you sew a skirt from tulle, you needchoose the type of fabric. Soft and gentle eurofatin is suitable for a shopenka. Its width is usually 3 m, which simplifies the cutting of the product, since the consumption of fabric on the skirt is considerable.

Think about how many layers your shopenka will consist of. A skirt 55 cm long will require 5 m of tulle. Thus, the skirt leaves the sun out of eight layers.

With this number of layers, the lining is not necessary, but with it it is more convenient, since the tulle then will not tear pantyhose.

If you want to reduce the consumption of tissue, you canto make a five-layered chocolate. In this case, a lining is required, since the clothing will be visible. If you do not need a multi-layer product, but you want to give it splendor, then simply increase the radius in the waist by half, adding more layers. The picture shows a pattern of 4 lower parts of the product without assemblies.

skirt shopenka own hands

And here is shown a cut for the 4 upper parts, which are attached in the waist region.

You can cut out the layers in one pattern, but then the skirt will be smoother and not lush. If you want a more luxurious model, you'll have to work hard.

skirt shopenka own hands

Three meters of material folded in half. There will be 4 layers of material with two folds on one side and with one fold and two slices on the other. This is an economical way to lay out the fabric. The only downside: the four middle suns are made whole, and the remaining four will have seams. The stitched will need to be hidden under the whole. Details with seams are not assembled.

skirt shopenka pattern

Stitch on a single seam on the bottomdetails. The allowances should be ironed out. The second seam is not sewed to the end, but leave the connector for a zipper length of 18 cm. Top the entire piece of stitching together and sew the stitching line. Pull them to the waist.

Lower the details together, aligning the linesseams. Fix them and tug on the waist. Sew the lines of allowances under the zipper. Sweep the allowances with a thread and a needle and smooth them with an iron. Sew a zipper by hand. Unbutton the snake and stitch it, sewing all 4 layers of tulle.

skirt shopenka pattern

Manually connect the upper and lower layers along the linewaist. Cut the top part, focusing on the length of the zipper. Edge the edges over the lightning and sweep. Gently sew them with a hidden seam, using threads strictly in the tone of the product.


Chopinka - a skirt that is sewn mainly withlining. Fabric for her choose the tone of the product. To save material, cut it in the shape of a half-sun. Its radius will be equal to the circumference of the waist, divided by three.

Sew it on the seam, leaving the snake connector. Irregular ironing allowances. For lining it is good to take mesh jersey, because it does not crumble edges. Fold the lining and skirt of the wrong side to the underside and stitch it around the waist. Fix it in the area of ​​lightning and sew by a hidden seam, retreating 5 mm from the denticles.


How to sew a skirt from tulle, we figured it out. It is now fashionable to use the belt as a belt. This is a simple and convenient way. If you decide to sew a skirt on one pattern, then you will not need lightning, and adjust the elastic band as a belt.

skirt shopenka pattern
Chopin can be worn at any time of the year. The main thing is to properly arrange it with other clothes. In summer it can be a short top and sandals with high heels. In the spring and autumn - a leather jacket, sneakers, stylish sweatshot. In the winter - a sweater and shoes. In the warm season you can afford a more luxurious skirt. In winter, use more reserved models in the wardrobe. The only thing necessary to wear such a skirt is a good figure.