Scarecrow of Maslenitsa: we make a ritual doll with our own hands

Scarecrow is an indispensable attribute of the Shrovetide festival.His burning on the day of Forgiveness Sunday symbolizes farewell to the winter. This attribute was produced from a wide variety of materials that were well suited to burning: straw, hay, cloth, paper. In this article I will tell you how the stuffed Carnival can be made with your own hands. Following the instructions, you can create a real winter symbol that can be used in traditional festive rites for burning. Also here is a master class on the making of the Maslenitsa doll, which can become both a toy for children and an original gift for friends and relatives.

stuffed carnival with his own hands

Getting ready for the wires of winter. What to make a stuffed pancake week?

To perform the ritual figure, we will use the following materials:

  • wooden bars of different lengths - 2 pieces;
  • nails or screws;
  • paper;
  • colored paints or markers;
  • straw or hay;
  • ropes;
  • brooms;
  • women's clothing (shawl, sarafan).

Description of the method of making a large scarecrow

From the bars we knock down the cross and dig it into the ground.We make out the wooden billet with straw, reeling it with ropes. We thus form a figure resembling a human figure. From the sheet of white paper, we cut out the oval, we draw features on it. We attach this detail to the stuffed Carnival with our own hands. On the body of the figure we put on a sundress, on the head - a handkerchief. Under the scarecrow we lay brooms. It is they who are set on fire. This material lights up quickly and brightly. That's all, the ritual doll is ready!

how to make a stuffed carnival

Shrovetide from newsprint: we work together with children

A small figure - a symbol of winter - is a mustlike your daughters and sons. The very process of its implementation will also interest them and carry them away. To work, you need the available materials, which are exactly in every house. These include:

  • colored paper or newspaper;
  • thread for sewing or embroidery;
  • cloth flaps;
  • ribbons or braid;
  • scissors.

Stage of children's crafts

what does the stuffed carnival look like
So, we will tell you how to make a stuffed pancake weekfrom paper. We cut it in long strips with a width of 1.5-2 centimeters. The resulting bands are folded into bundles. Of them we form a figure. One bundle is folded in half and tied with a thread, retreating from the place of addition down 2 centimeters. The result is a detail of the trunk with the head. The second bundle is tied to the first, forming a figure in the form of a cross. We fix the tips of the strings. So, we performed the pens. The lower edge of the trunk part is divided into two equal parts and rewound, making out the legs. As a result we get a paper doll. Now the stuffed Pancake Day, made with our own hands, we'll dress up. From the cloth flap we cut out a triangular shape. We put this blank on the head of a figurine in the shape of a kerchief. From a rectangular cut of textiles we make a rectangle and fix it to the detail of the trunk, forming a kind of sarafan. Pupa, a symbol of winter, ready.

Shrovetide made of cloth. We learn to make such a figure. Preparatory stage

If you perform a scarecrow in order to burnit's on a Forgiven Sunday, then use old unnecessary cloth flaps or clothes to make it. It is desirable to make a souvenir doll of beautiful bright textiles and decorative elements. We study the list of materials necessary for the creative process:

  • two wooden sticks;
  • bright cuts of fabric;
  • strong threads (nylon or acrylic);
  • a flap of white textiles;
  • dry rags (sintepon for souvenir dolls).
    from which to make a stuffed carnival

We perform stuffed Shrovetide with our own hands made of textiles

From a square piece of white cloth we will dohead. To do this, wrap it in a lump made of rags (sintepon), wrap the ends, collected together with threads. Tie the resulting blank to the end of the stick. We made the head of a scarecrow. The second wooden stick is attached to the first, forming hands. We wrap these details with rags, fix them with threads. We make a knickknife from the fabric. To do this, a rectangular flap is attached to the thread from one long edge and tied to a stick. Next, make a dress made of textile cut in a square shape. Fold it in half twice, cut off the corner. We unfold the fabric and get a blank with a hole in the middle. We put it on the doll's head. We sew the product by hand. You can make Shrovetide even an apron. To do this, on a small shred, sew the braid from two sides and tie it to a figure. On the head part we put on a handkerchief. Following the old traditions, we attach red ribbons to the handle of a stuffed animal, while making wishes. Old-timers say that they necessarily come true! You can decorate the doll with a face, drawing it with acrylic paints.

how to make a stuffed carnival
What does the stuffed Cuckoo look like?Very cute and cute. Sometimes, after completing such an artifice, just a hand does not rise to burn it. If the figure is made as a souvenir, then it still needs to make a stand.

To the wooden bar we attach the doll with the help ofscrew, screwed from under the bottom of the stand into a stick. In order for the composition to be stable, we also tie the bar to the stick under the skirts, and glue the other end obliquely to the stand. You can also install a scarecrow in a container with a diluted gypsum or alabaster (according to the principle of topiary).

Now you know how to make a stuffed Shrovetide. Presented in the article, master classes will help you at home to quickly and efficiently perform a doll - a symbol of winter. Create with pleasure!