How to sew jeans with the preservation of the seam - lessons of skill

Very often, when buying expensive jeans, wewe are faced with the problem of the discrepancy between their length and our growth. You can simply cut them and sew them, as they do with ordinary trousers, but then the overall appearance will be lost, because you have to cut the shabby edge of the leg with the finishing stitch. How to avoid it and sew jeans with preserving the seam? Let's figure it out!

how to sew jeans with a seam

How to sew jeans with preserving the seam, and what is needed for this? Firstly, during the fitting we will need tailors' needles, threads in tone, scissors and a sewing machine.

There are two options for shortening jeans:

  • To begin with, you will need a fitting, during which you need to measure the required length of the jeans. Next, on the intended label, draw a line and cut off the leg 0.5 cm below the line.
    how to sew jeans
    After we take the cut piece and at a distance of 0.7mm from the decorative line cut off excess. Now the line is broken off and we remove all the threads, we combine the leg with the cut off band of scuffs and spread out 0.7 cm from the edge. The seam is steamed and turned away. After the seam is smoothed, it is necessary to make a lapel along the old folds and, having trimmed the slices from it, lay a new decorative line with a denim thread. Thus, all the abrasions remain. The line, of course, should be machine, but if there is not one, then it will not be possible to sew the jeans by hand in this way. The minus of this method is a too coarse suture, especially on tight fabrics. And if the denim is thick, the seam will look like a cuff, which is pretty ugly and unnatural.
    sew jeans by hand
  • The next way how to sew jeans withpreservation of the seam, not so laborious, but also requires accuracy and diligence. So, first we measure jeans and determine how long we need trousers. Above the mark by 2.5 cm we draw a line, turn out the trousers on the front side and, together with the line, pin the edge of the leg. We plot the line clearly on the bent edge, after which we cut off all unnecessary, leaving a cut of 1.5 cm. We cut the cut with an overlock and steal up.
    On the front side of the folded stitched parts we makea line with a fine spacing of a thread in the tone of the fabric. To the underside of the processed seam is not flawed, it can be glued to the leg with a special ribbon for podgibki trousers. Using this option to shorten the jeans, you can use a linen or so-called seam stitch, then you can do without an overlock. However, the underwear seam is suitable only for thin fabrics. This is a more common and easy way, since you can sew jeans with a seam stitching even manually without a sewing machine.

It is worth noting that even the trousers purchased trouserscan be of different lengths, so, having marked the desired length, do not be lazy and compare both legs along the outer and inner seams, this can be done with the usual centimeter tape. The process does not take much time, but you can avoid a gross mistake and save your new jeans.

You do not need to cut off your old jeans with jeansway and deprive them of a harmonious appearance, because, knowing how to sew jeans with preserving the seam, it's easy to fit any model to your height and enjoy beautiful and stylish trousers.