The salary of university teachers: both laughter and sin

For more than a decade, the situation in educationsystematically worsens. Despite the fact that in 2012-2013 the salaries of university teachers, as well as teachers of schools and pre-school institutions have slightly increased, it still leaves much to be desired. Institutes and academies, opening paid departments and faculties, providing additional services, desperately try to survive, but the general situation in the country negatively affects the quality of education.

salary of university teachers

As a result, associate professors and professors"moonlighting", combining several rates. The salary of university teachers in any region of Russia did not exceed 37 thousand rubles - and this is the maximum. Teachers of higher education receive on average less than average workers. For example, a senior teacher earns an average of about 9 thousand rubles. It's no wonder that researchers are looking for a better stake in business or abroad.

In America or Western Europe, wagesteachers of universities allows them to exist quite comfortably. Education and academic degree there is valued by merit, and the profession of the teacher has not lost its prestige.

salary of a university teacher in Moscow

A slightly different situation appears in the CentralEurope. In Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, the salaries of university teachers are, on average, two times higher than in Russia. However, there is a noticeable difference between private and budgetary educational institutions. And senior teachers and assistants can not afford to exist only for a salary. As in Russia, researchers are willing to work part time in schools or courses.

The fall in the prestige of the profession and status affectsnot only on a psychological condition based on a sense of inferiority and everyday problems of employees of higher education. It directly affects the quality of the educational services provided. For example, if the average salary of a university teacher in Moscow in a budget institution is from 13,000 rubles (for associate professors) to 20 (for professors), in regions the situation looks even worse. Even these figures may be somewhat overstated - because they include the incomes of administrative personnel. Surprisingly, while the average salary of university teachers hardly allows them to survive, the official and not very rewarding rector is at least several hundred thousand rubles a month. The government, instead of decisive measures to improve the quality and standard of living of associate professors and professors, as well as junior researchers, argues that such earnings are indicative of their alleged low level. After all, few people can afford to agree to work for such money ...

average salary of university teachers

This is all the more sad, as a resultteachers earn extra money not only by tutoring, but also try to find additional classes: for example, journalism, writing books and textbooks, and participating in the preparation of computer programs. All this, of course, is wonderful, but it detaches scientific workers from their direct duties. Preparation of students, high-quality higher education are in desolation. Many teachers try to go on probation or permanent work abroad. As a result, domestic institutions of higher education are constantly losing highly qualified specialists.