What is the salary of cosmonauts on Earth and in orbit?

Become an astronaut dream of many boys and evengirls. But this cosmic romance for them is barely attainable. On the way to orbit, a strict set of candidates is being conducted, not only in Russia, but throughout the world.

what is the salary of cosmonauts

It is very difficult to work in orbit, you need to haveexcellent physical fitness and endurance. One of the most courageous specialties suggests different situations. These are injuries, and cases when there is a direct threat to health and life, so you need to be very focused and attentive.

General information about work in space

In conditions of weightlessness, constant differencespressure and other overloads, not everyone can feel good and at the same time perform important tasks. The possibility of flying into space looks very tempting, but out of thousands of applicants trained on the ground, only one goes into orbit. The cosmonaut's profession is considered one of the most fascinating and dangerous, so many are asking: "What salary does the cosmonauts have?", For surely it should be worthy.

Many young men and after adulthood does not leavethe dream of how to get through to the starry spaces, despite the danger and complexity of the profession. But at the same time, they think about how you can calculate the salary.

Space agencies of the world

How many cosmonauts receive depends on the agency in which they work, on experience and length of service. The most famous agencies of the world:

  1. Space Agency of Russia - "Roskosmos".
  2. USA - NASA.
  3. Europe - ESA.
  4. Canada - CSA.
  5. Japan - JAXA.
  6. China - CNSA.

Not every organization will be happy to talk abouthow much it pays to its employees, such as Japanese and Chinese. This information is hidden to outsiders. However, it is unlikely that anyone will have doubts about the high incomes of employees of these rather developed and rich countries. How much cosmonauts pay for flying into space can be understood by the example of other developed countries.

Paid foreign cosmonauts

What is the salary of cosmonauts in different countriespeace? Astronauts working in the US agency NASA receive a salary according to the assigned qualification: from GS-11 (base level) to GS-14 (highest level). Astronauts with the first category receive in the year $ 66,000, the highest qualification - up to $ 155,000 annually. And the level of income of astronauts working on Earth is significantly different from the salary that they receive while in orbit. It is $ 170,000.

how many astronauts get

The European Space Agency ESA producespayments to its employees according to standards. For a year of work, cosmonauts are assigned the A2 category and pay a salary of 59 000 € per year. After flying into space, qualification rises to the level of A4 with an annual salary of 79 000 €. This is from $ 6,500 to $ 10,000 per month.

In the staff of the Canadian agency CSA works onlytwo cosmonauts, and never yet committed a flight. The income in this company is calculated on three levels. At a minimum, Canadians receive $ 80,000 a year, a maximum of $ 160,000.

Salary of the Russian cosmonaut

For a decent payment of their dangerous workRussian cosmonauts can count on being in orbit. The average flight duration is six months, during which time the income is calculated in the amount of $ 130,000 to $ 150,000. It is not difficult to calculate what salary a cosmonaut receives in a year. The annual salary in this case is calculated up to $ 300,000, but such "space" periods are not often.

salary of an astronaut in Russia

If we compare the average monthly salarymanager of the middle level in Moscow, who is at home, constantly with his family and working in milder conditions (from 100,000 rubles), then we can draw certain conclusions. And if you also compare how many cosmonauts and demanded actors get, sportsmen whose salary is calculated in thousands rather than thousands, it's worth thinking about. The wages of engineers working on Earth are several times less than those of astronauts entering orbit, and their working day lasts 8 hours.

As well as at any job, there areadditions, 13th salaries, bonuses, overtime. Objectively judge the quality of life only by the indicator, what the monthly salary of astronauts, is meaningless. The difference is felt here not only in the structure of salaries, additional payments and taxes.

how much do cosmonauts pay for flying into space

A US citizen has to pay seriousamount for insurance. Housing in Cologne will cost much more than, for example, in Texas. On something, prices in Russia are several times higher than in America, for something - much lower. Therefore, for many, the salary of an astronaut in Russia is considered very worthy. The astronaut's work is quite specific, complicated, but it gives a dream, and before you try to translate it, you need to think carefully.