Average salary in Belarus by area of ​​activity

Belarus is very different from Russia, despitethe fact that she herself is close to her "neighbor", and all the people living in her speak Russian. And the situation is different - the surrounding cleanliness rushes into your eyes. And how is everything in the financial plan? The average salary in Belarus, as well as in Russia, differs by industry. But hardly it can be called satisfactory, since only 15.7% of the population of the state are satisfied with their prosperity. However, everything in order.

average salary in Belarus

Fresh data

To date, the average salary in Belarusis approximately 6,000,000 local rubles. This is slightly less than 20 000 rubles. in the Russian currency. But this, of course, is the data that is valid until the 2016 denomination. Now one Belarusian ruble is 33.1 Russian rubles. So according to the new data, the average salary in Belarus is ~ 600 BYN. And now for convenience it is worthwhile to give everything in the example at the rate, which is valid after the denomination.

The highest salaries were recorded inthe city of Fonipole. They earn an average of about 1460 BYN (48,000 rubles.). Slightly behind and Pruzhany - in this city figures are equal to 1 350 BYN (45 000 rubles.).

And, of course, we must not forget about Minsk -the capital of the state. If you believe the latest data from the National Statistics Committee, then the average salary is 1 115 BYN (37 000 rubles.). That is 580 dollars a month. This was approximately the average salary of Belarus in 2015. In 2017, you can compare with the indicators for the 2016th.

average salaries in Belarus

The most profitable professions

If you believe all the same statistics of the Nationalcommittee, the most paid pilots of civil aviation. Their average salary in Belarus is 1 435 BYN (48 000 rubles). Here the committee refers to the information given by Belavia. It is alleged that with allowances, surcharges and bonuses, the flight crew receives about 230-260 thousand Russian rubles!

The second place in the rating of profitable professions is occupied by the IT sphere, as well as the branches connected with computer technology. Their average salary in Belarus is 1 627 BYN (54 000 rubles).

Employees of enterprises producing coke(oil products, coal substances, etc.), receive approximately 1 245 BYN (this is about 42,000 rubles). It is worth noting that the work of these specialists is unsafe, and the level of payment in connection with this leaves much to be desired.

 average salary of Belarus in 2015

Middle class

Well, above was named a kind of TOP-3 profitable professions. Now you can go to the middle class.

It includes workers, workers in thefinancial sphere. Their average salaries in Belarus are 1 030 BYN. This is approximately 35 000 rubles, in principle, everything is the same as in Russia. Approximately the same way workers of chemical manufactures also receive.

Next come people working in the field of engineering and architecture. Their average salaries in Belarus are about 970 BYN. This is about 32 000 rubles.

Experts of the media sphere are less likely to receive it.They are paid about 910 BYN per month (~ 30,000 rubles). The same salary is observed in people associated with the mining industry. And employees of enterprises that produce office equipment.

average salary in the Republic of Belarus

Other industries

The amount of 800-890 BYN (~ 27-29 tr.) monthly receive specialists who work in the field of scientific research and development, as well as people associated with the extraction of minerals (with the exception of fuel and energy). Employees of the construction and publishing sector can count on the same salary.

People working in the trade, repair,insurance, real estate and maintenance of vehicles, receive about the same amount. As well as workers of Russian Railways. The basic average salary in the Republic of Belarus for all the above specialists is practically the same.

Given that the first January of the current year, 2016, in this state, a minimum salary of 250 BYN (about 8,300 rubles) was established, then all the indicators are not so bad.

Finally I would like to talk about the five mostlow-paid spheres. Livestock - workers in this industry are paid an average of 480 BYN per month (15,900 rubles). Next comes the sphere of water transport - 470 BYN (15 550 rubles.). The third place in this list is occupied by creative activity and everything related to entertainment. Her employees receive an average of 450 BYN (14,900 rubles.). In the second place is the branch of social services. The salary of people connected with this activity is 410 BYN (13 580 rubles). And, finally, the first place is occupied by the activity of archives, museums, libraries and other cultural places. Employees working in this field receive about 400 BYN (13,300 rubles).

As can be seen, the level of income of residents of a neighboring state is just as low as in our country. So it remains to them to wish improvement of an economic condition and, accordingly, increase in salaries.