The gross salary is how much?

When looking for work, most applicantsface ads in which the salary is indicated gross. What is it and what is its amount, understand not all. Along with this concept, there is a net salary. What are they different?

What is the gross salary?

Gross salary is

Even in Soviet times, the state keptthe salary tax that everyone received at the box office. The salary received in the hands at the end of the month was called "clean", and the one that is indicated in the employment contract is "dirty". In post-Soviet Russia, many new and unfamiliar foreign terms appeared, including net and gross wages. This still introduces many applicants into perplexity.

All wages are subject to incometax, which is known to be 13%. If an employee of the organization receives a salary of 50 thousand rubles, he will receive 43.5 rubles on hand after deduction of the tax. In this case, 50 thousand is the gross salary, and 43.5 - net. It turns out that the gross salary is the salary before deducting the income tax from it, that is, "dirty".

When you are in a particular organization, the questionwages are acute, especially in Russia. Some potential employers or recruitment agencies indicate in the advertisements a gross salary in the hope that the applicant is unfamiliar with the accounting terminology. It turns out that they do not deceive candidates for vacant positions, but simply deftly use their ignorance, after which misunderstandings arise.

What is the difference between "gross" and "no" wages?

Salary gross what is it

In our country, the majority of workers receivewages not on a bank card, but in envelopes. With these amounts, as a rule, tax deductions and insurance contributions are not made. While in the announcement the employer does not write the amount that the employee will actually receive.

The determining role belongs to the psychologicalaspect. Gross-salary is a trick for job seekers. Each of us wants to receive not 87 thousand on hands, for example, but 100. Therefore, we should pay more attention to announcements where net-salary is indicated, since it will be more.

Net comes to the employee on a bank card. This is the white salary. Therefore, when looking for work, if you see a very attractive amount, find out what the employer means.

How to calculate net if you know the gross?

Salary gross

To calculate the "white" wages,it is necessary to make a simple calculation. Gross-salary is the amount without income tax (Personal Income Tax). Then the "white" salary = Gross minus 13% of it. For example, the gross is 30,000, then net will be 26100, and the personal income tax is 3900. Salary net is the monthly income of the employee.

Is net = always 13%?

Not always the difference between net and gross is 13%.The employer makes a tax deduction for personal income tax. The employee pays the remaining taxes independently, that is, the organization is not involved in this process in any way.

Not so long ago NDFL was for all working citizensthe same. But recently a law came out that some categories of the population have privileges to pay this tax. For example, parents of children under the age of 18 and adults who are enrolled in accredited educational institutions pay significantly less. Therefore, the calculation of gross and net wages is not the same for everyone.

Gross-salary is the amount that is receivedemployee organization without deducting from it the tax on income of natural persons. Usually applicants give preference to employers who issue salaries in envelopes, since it is much more official and is not subject to income tax. But it is better that all wages are "white", because it is directly proportional to the size of the future pension. Applicants in the search for work need to pay attention to the amount of salary specified in the announcement, so that later there are no misunderstandings.