Are the land tax paid by pensioners? Benefits for land tax for pensioners

Are the land tax paid by pensioners?This topic interests many. After all, the elderly are eternal benefits. And so often on their relatives make out the property. What for? Not to pay cash in the form of taxes. What about payment for land? Are pensioners given any bonuses from the state in this area? What should the population know about the payment in question?

do land tax pay pensioners

Eternal benefits recipients

Are the land tax paid by pensioners?Some are inclined to believe that older people in Russia are completely exempt from this category of payments. In fact, this is not so. There is a certain list of taxes that are not levied on citizens who have reached retirement age. But some payments still have to be paid. If this happens, then, as a rule, old people are given certain bonuses or a reduction in the tax rate. Therefore, to some extent, pensioners are eternal beneficiaries. And only in extreme cases they pay taxes in full. This fact must be taken into account.

land tax for pensioners

Property or land?

Is there a land tax for pensioners?The point is that the payment being studied raises a lot of questions. After all, as has already been said, in the elderly, most taxes are covered by benefits. And this must be taken into account. Land tax is often considered a payment for the property in the property. Or rather, it is called a property contribution. It is not right. The population should clearly understand that the property and land of the tax services are clearly separated.

Why should we take this fact into account?All because of the fact that the property tax is not paid by pensioners. But the situation with respect to the land is ambiguous. Which exactly? What awaits elderly pensioners who own land or land? It is not so difficult to understand all this as it seems. Especially if you do not confuse property payment and land. Then, without special problems, it will be possible to answer the question posed.

 land tax rate

There is no liberation

Are the land tax paid by pensioners?In Russia, from this payment, no citizen is fully released. This means that all owners who fall into the category of taxpayers (that is, after majority) must to some extent pay taxes for land. And no exceptions. It's all the same, of whom it is a question - about the disabled, large families or elderly citizens.

Accordingly, it should be concluded:the land tax for pensioners takes place. But in doing so, do not forget about the membership of this category of persons to beneficiaries. Despite the fact that you will have to give money for the plots, in some cases it is possible to expect not bonuses from the state. Which ones? Is there a benefit on land tax for pensioners?

Decrease the base

Yes, it is available.However, as has already been said, not everyone benefits. On the categories of pensioners who can use the "bonus" from the state, we'll talk a little later. First you need to understand what the benefit is. This is an important point. Maybe there is no point in it?

Again a mistaken opinion.Any benefit in Russia allows you to get a good return. Concerning the payment for land, it can only be said that the land tax rate for pensioners is applied to a reduced base. Accordingly, elderly people are not paid the full amount of money. And this fact is already pleasing. To what amounts will the land tax be applied? It, in accordance with the Tax Code, is established by the government of the country in a certain amount. But here the tax base for pensioners is reduced by 10,000 rubles. For example, if a site costs 300,000, then the elderly person should take into account the cost equal to 290,000. And from the second amount calculate the tax.

land tax benefits for pensioners

Categories of beneficiaries

It has already been emphasized that not everyone has the right tolike bonus. Are the land tax paid by pensioners? Yes. But in some cases, not the full amount, with a reduced by several thousand rubles tax base. Who has the right to receive such a benefit? The Tax Code of the Russian Federation prescribes categories of persons who are able to use the offer from the state. Who treats them? Allocate the following citizens:

  • Cavalry of the Order of Glory.
  • Heroes of Russia and the USSR.
  • Invalids (1 and 2 groups). And also those who received their status as a child or became such in the case of nuclear exercises.
  • Veterans of hostilities, invalids of the Second World War.
  • Victims of Chernobyl or other serious accidents (this point is better to clarify).
  • People who have experienced nuclear weapons or have liquidated this kind of accident.
  • Persons who received radiation sickness.

You can see that ordinary pensioners are not included here without any special features. Therefore, they will pay taxes on land in full.

Is a land tax pensioner released?

Ambiguity of laws

Now it is clear that tax benefits for landtax is given to pensioners. But only in some situations. Nevertheless, many people emphasize rather interesting facts. Namely the ambiguity of the Russian legislation. The thing is that taxes on land are regulated by municipalities. Each region has its own rules and stakes in this matter. The Tax Code specifies that in a given region pensioners may be given special benefits. For example, full exemption from payment of taxes for land. It is not prohibited. Therefore, it is not always possible to quickly understand the issue under study.

is there a benefit on land tax for pensioners

To pay or not?

Benefits for land tax for pensionersare available in Russia. And in some cases for all categories of persons who have gone on a well-deserved rest. Many are interested in whether it is worthwhile for retirees to pay for receipts for land that came to them. In fact, this issue is rather controversial. Again, because of everything previously said. The thing is that all tax receipts must be paid. But at the same time it is recommended to call first to the administration of the city district and find out there about the bonuses given to pensioners. Or contact the tax service and clarify all the information.

It is likely that the tax on land to the elderlya person will not have to pay in principle. A rare phenomenon, but it occurs. But if we are talking about the previously listed categories of persons, then they do not need to pay for land. Instead, it is recommended to take one action, which will help to avoid receiving unnecessary receipts.

I have the right!

Quite often retired people complain that they,to receivers, receipts on payment of the ground tax come. This is not the best thing. It should be noted that this is only about citizens who are 100% exempt from paying money for land. How to be in this case? It is required to apply to the tax service with a received receipt and application form. The document should indicate the presence of the elderly individual benefits. Evidence is attached to the application. Namely:

  • awards and decorations;
  • medals;
  • pensioner's ID;
  • certificates of disability;
  • documents for land;
  • certificates of veterans or participants in hostilities (including the Second World War);
  • civil passports.

It is advisable to attach more SNILS, but this is notcertainly. Thus, privileges to pensioners on the tax to the land plot are confirmed. After that, payments will not be sent to the citizen. And you will not have to worry about paying the land tax.

Benefits for pensioners on land tax

If the payment came?

What should I do if I receive a receipt for paymentland tax? As already noted, do not panic. A small memo will help to clearly act in this situation. In fact, it's easier to solve the problem than it seems. So, the citizen should:

  1. Find out: from the contribution is the pensioner released? Land tax, perhaps, he does not have to pay. To do this, you need to call the tax service.
  2. If there are benefits, then the previously listed documents and the application of the established sample are attached to the receipt.
  3. Further, the pensioner must apply for aland tax. Enough to apply with a package of documents. You do not need to pay a receipt. With discounts on the tax, the payer will be given a new payment. And already it should be paid.
  4. When a citizen does not have the right to benefits or full exemption, the contribution must be paid in full.
  5. If prior to applying to the tax receipt waspaid, then if there are benefits, you will need to make a refund. To do this, you need to write an application, attach the details of the account to which you transfer money to the documents mentioned earlier.

tax benefits for land tax to pensioners


What conclusions can we draw from all this?The land tax for pensioners is a rather difficult topic. It is full of features that will have to be specified in each city separately. And it needs to be done regularly. To be exact, every year. After all, according to the law, the land tax is fully regulated by municipalities. At the same time there are beneficiaries among the elderly who in any locality do not pay the payment they study at all. But they will have to declare their rights in accordance with the procedure established by law.

Accordingly, the land tax for pensionersexist. And quite often, citizens must fully pay for the receipts that have come to them. The study payment is one of the few that is difficult to understand. After all, in the main pensioners are either completely exempt from payment, or provide some kind of bonuses to all who have gone to a well-deserved rest.

For real estate, which is located on the site,as already pointed out, pensioners usually do not pay. The property tax for this category of persons does not apply. And this must be remembered. The best solution to the issue is to call the city administration and the district tax service. Only there will be able to answer: there are privileges on land tax for pensioners or not.