Simple snacks for a picnic

We all like to relax in nature, and ifthis is a cheerful friendly company, then there is no reason to particularly look for. However, to go to rest on the river or in the woods, it's very rare to get a breath of fresh air, and it's even more difficult to gather a company of friends. Everyone has their own worries, work and other city bustle, so most often you need a good reason or a common day off.

Perhaps, the fragrant juicy shish kebab is the mosta popular dish for such a holiday, but you also need to prepare a variety of snacks for a picnic, which will be at the right time. It's no secret that in the open air everyone has an appetite, so you need to take care beforehand that the company does not languish in anticipation of meat cooked at the stake.

Food for a picnic should be easy, especially ifit's about snacks. It's no secret that in the nature of your company you will want to drink alcohol, and there is nothing better than a pre-cooked snack that will save you from the hassle of cooking in nature.

First of all, you should think about bread, but if the usual bread is probably already boring for many, then you can diversify your menu by preparing a loaf stuffed with mushrooms.

To prepare this simple snack fora picnic will need one stale loaf, 300 g of mushrooms, one onion and greens. From the loaf, carefully remove the crumb so that the crust remains intact. Mushrooms must be passed through a meat grinder or finely chopped, and then fry in vegetable oil and add greens, salt. Then they need to be mixed with a chopped onion and add the pepper to taste. The resulting mixture should be placed in the prepared loaf and carefully crushed. On top of everything, you just have to bake a loaf in the oven.

Light snacks for a picnic can be prepared fromham (250 g), 2 eggs, 2 processed cheese cakes. You will also need a cheese or a pigtail, which will serve as a kind of binding material. To begin with, you should prepare the filling: for this, two boiled eggs are taken and rubbed on a grater, then grated cheese is added and garlic is squeezed out. The resulting mixture is thoroughly mixed with mayonnaise - the dressing is ready. After that, in the prepared ring of finely chopped ham, the filling is laid out, which then folds into a tube. To ensure that the resulting scroll does not turn around, it should be tied with a piece of cheese. Greens can be added for decoration and there is just a snack with prepared scrolls.

Thinking about what you will prepare snacks forpicnic, it is necessary to pay attention to croutons with cottage cheese, such light and appetizing food will be to taste to everyone. Cut the loaf into the desired number of slices, then lightly fry it on both sides in butter until pale golden and allow to cool. Prepare tomatoes (2-3pcs), previously cut into circles, and 200 g of cottage cheese carefully mash with greens. Fans of spicy and spicy food can add to the cottage cheese pepper and squeeze out the garlic. For cooled toast, carefully lay out a circle of tomato, on top of which put the prepared mixture of cottage cheese. For beauty you can decorate with dill, the dish is ready.

Very attractive look snacks forpicnics, made with the use of skewers. Such design allows each individual to take a small portion, with no stinging hands, which is very convenient on a picnic or a buffet table. So, chop the hard cheese with large squares, take the skewer and pierce it with a round piece of sausage. Then we string the olive without pits and again pierce the free edge of a piece of sausage. The end of the skewer is inserted into the cooked square of cheese. This appetizer looks very appetizing and beautiful, because from the side it resembles a small sailing boat.

When going on a picnic, you should always take pre-prepared snacks with you, this will allow you to wait until the main dish - shish kebab - without suffering from hunger.