How to prepare salads for nature? How do I apply?

Those who make a picnic, always want toeverything went just brilliant. Of course, in advance a place is being sought, entertainment is being thought through. But the menu is usually monotonous for a country trip. Usually a shish kebab or grilled meat is cooked on charcoal, and cut vegetables are served. But you can diversify the usual food by preparing salads for nature.

salads on nature
But which ones are best for this? Of course, first of all they must meet the security conditions. A picnic should not end with mass poisoning. Therefore, it is desirable to exclude all perishable products. These include mayonnaise, sausages, salted and smoked fish, mushrooms and eggs. In addition, it is desirable that they are light salads on nature, since the main dish is most likely to be fried meat or poultry. Best of all, of course, salads prepared from vegetables.

The easiest to prepare and popular withguests are a salad "Vitamin". For him, you need to chop 300 grams of red cabbage, and 200 g of cucumber and 100 grams of radish cut into strips. For 200 g of tomatoes and peppers cut into cubes, and leeks - half rings. Grind the greens. Mix everything, add salt to taste, season with vegetable oil.

recipes for salads in nature
Or you can make a beet salad withgarlic, but a little bit wrong, as always. Pre-bake 2-3 beets in the oven until cooked. Completely cool, clean and cut into small cubes. Fry in a vegetable oil for a couple of minutes. One bulb, 1 cucumber and 3 cloves of garlic, cut as small as possible, add to beets and pour with oil, on which it is fried.

In fact, recipes for salads in nature canbe very diverse. For example, you can still make a salad with cheese and fresh cucumbers. For him, you need to take 2 cucumbers and apples, cut them into slices. Add to them cheese, cut into strips. Fill all the marinade, prepared from 140 g of vegetable oil and 60 g of lemon juice with a pinch of salt.

But it is important not only to think over salads, but also formtheir filing. More often salads on the nature bring in containers and in them submit on the improvised table. In this case, each guest needs a plate and a fork or spoon. But it is not always convenient on a picnic, especially if it does not take place in the country or in cool weather. Therefore it is desirable to serve them individually.

For example, a beet salad with garlic can beServe immediately on a slice of a loaf or bread as a snack. Very original look prepared salads on nature, laid out on a cracker or a dry biscuit, and most importantly - they are just one bite, which is very convenient! You can also put salads in tartlets. The simplest thing is to buy already ready, today they can be found in any store. But if for some reason you did not manage to buy them, you can cook yourself from thin lavash.

light salads on nature
To do this, you need to cut the squares from the pita bread a littleMore molds for a small cupcake. Having joined edges, to combine them in it, from above to press the same form. So do the rest. Bake them until golden in the oven at a temperature of 180 degrees 10-15 minutes. Let cool in a mold, disassemble the structure. At the bottom of the basket put a salad leaf and put any salads to taste.

Knowing all the secrets of preparing and serving food, you can not only cook very original salads on nature, but also surprise guests with their feed. And this is often not less important.