Bean Boozled - sweets for a funky company. Not for the faint of heart!

Bean Boozled - sweets, the taste of which makesflew from delicate pleasure and disgustedly shiver. Is this combination possible? Is the smell and taste of dirty socks in sweets attracted the attention of experienced confectioners? What for?

Bean Boozled - the realization of a magical dream from the world of magic and witchcraft

Marketing researchexperts-confectioners have led to the magician Harry Potter. Twenty years of interest in the works of Joan Rowling not only does not weaken, but only grows. The inner world of the distant mystic Hogwarts (the school of sorcerers and magicians) is interesting in all its details: their reproduction for real everyday life is a hilarious and mythical holiday.

bean boozled candy

Bean Boozled - sweets known since 1869confectionery factory Jelly Belly. This is a family business that gave the world "chewing beans", first without fillers and glaze, then - with fillings and chocolate. The uniqueness of the products lies in the fact that each bean has a sign of the firm Jelly Belly.

These original delicious chewing beans"grow" around the world: they are admired, they are stuffed into their mouths with handfuls, they are falling asleep and awake, they are eaten for breakfast and dinner, they grow up, walk, have fun, frighten them, watch their ingestion, laugh.

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But Bean Boozled - sweets that are tried withcaution. Emotions go off: jubilation, when the taste is traditional, sweet, and, conversely, fastidious and indignant when the filling of chewing beans stinks of rotten egg, vomit, baby diaper, hay, gray ear, centipede, rotten egg, sour milk, cheese with mildew.

Bean Boozled - sweets, invented by developers based on chewing jelly Jelly Belly

Assortment of chewable beansworked out gradually. Lollipops in the form of beans had traditional tastes: berry, mint, citrus, vanilla, fruit. Chewing beans Jelly Belly at first were without a soft filler, just with the addition of jujube aromas in jujube. The appearance of the filling became an interesting confectionery improvisation, and over time these beans became a permanent option in the company's assortment.

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One of the unusual hits was the taste of popcorn withoil. The natural desire of any buyer was and always will be the opportunity to try a mix of flavors and flavors. Prefabricated packages from 34 to 360 grams satisfy different needs and possibilities.

Funny «World of Sweets», offered by Jelly Belly

Marketers of the company noticed an undying interestteenagers (and not only them) to the attributes of the "world of wizards and sorcerers", carefully thought out first by the author of Harry Potter, the writer Joan Rowling, and then reproduced to the smallest detail by the directors of the same name films in the style of fantasy.

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In the mystical shop "World of Sweets" (inventedJoan Rowling) Hogwarts students and teachers not only bought confectionery, beer, etc., but also communicated, discussing the latest news, eavesdropping, peeping, exchanging impressions. Funny (not quite traditional) tastes of sweets were the subject of friendly ridicule and evil sarcasm - the observers were interested in the reaction to the unusual taste.

The company in 2008 implemented unusualideas of marketers and was not mistaken. "Funny" sweets Bean Boozled, disguised as usual, caused an explosion of genuine interest both among teenagers and among adult fans. Since 2009, unusual tastes have changed: new fragrances were introduced, something was completely abolished, and something was somewhat smoothed.

Tastes of sweets Bean Boozled

Modern manufacturers' fantasies provided the following set of alternative flavors:

  • the taste of canned food goes second to the chocolate pudding;
  • aroma of skunk - to the aroma of ordinary licorice;
  • rotten egg - to popcorn and butter;
  • centipede (centipede) - the second number to blueberry;
  • earwax - to a juicy fragrant pear;
  • baby diapers - to sweet coconut;
  • vomiting - to tender peaches;
  • spoiled (moldy) cheese - to caramel taste;
  • aroma of fresh pencil shavings - to the refined banana;
  • vigorous toothpaste - to the northern blueberry.

In appearance, it is impossible to tell whichcandy with a real confectionery taste, and which - with "nasty, fabulous." Well, if the first was a sweet, traditional, in the hand, then from another of the same color you can only gently bite off-try. And if on the contrary?

How the tastes of unconventional chewing beans changed Bean Boozled

In 2008, the first production was started"Cool" tastes. Developed fragrances of the "first generation" were: skunk, rotten eggs, ear wax, baby diaper, pencil shavings, toothpaste, vomiting, spoiled cheese, black pepper.

In 2009, added canned dog food and the taste of the centipede, the aromas of earwax and black pepper were removed.

In 2013, fragrances of smelly socks and sables have been added.

In 2016 new ones were created: rotten fish and sour (spoiled) milk. The scent's aroma was less often added to the mix.

Where can I buy candies from Jelly Belly?

Representatives of the company registered almostIn all countries. Buy candy Bean Boozled in Moscow can be not only in large confectionery stores that sell well-known brands, but also in the network segment, and in convenience stores. It is easier and cheaper to make purchases through Internet delivery. Prices - from three hundred to three thousand rubles, depending on the weight and range, there are sweets with the game (roulette), there are glasses that issue a chewing bean after a stroke. Bean Boozled sweets in St. Petersburg are often ordered by a group of buyers living nearby, or by group by prior arrangement via the Internet. This is much cheaper.

tastes of candy bean boozled

Traditional retail is pleased to offer the entire range of sweets from Jelly Belly, since the product is sold for twelve months.