Squid: how to clean and cook correctly?

Let's talk about squid. It is a wonderful delicious delicacy. It is rich in vitamins and proteins, minerals, microelements. In addition, it has a low caloric value, but it is very nutritious, which made it popular with those who adhere to the diet. However, not all dishes with this ingredient are delicious. Why? But because not everyone knows how to prepare them. Squid (how to clean and cook them - we will discuss in detail later), so to speak, are very demanding in terms of processing, and not every housewife, especially a beginner, will cope with the task, having conceived to treat the family with a delicious and healthy dish. However, this is not a reason to deny yourself the pleasure. We will share with you the main secrets.

Oh, this squid ...

How to clean and cook these marinefauna, many know. Theoretically ... But as soon as it comes to practice, problems begin. Guru in the field of cooking, of course, have their secrets. We do not apply to those, but, as they say, we will help than we can.

It is believed that these shellfish are difficult to prepare,However, it is not. We want to debunk this myth. There is nothing difficult in technology, just need to own certain information. In principle, it all boils down to one question: "How to cook and clean properly?" Squids are very whimsical. If you overdo the seafood in hot water, it will become rubber, and the dish itself is tasteless. And properly cooked, they are very tasty and nutritious.

squid how to clean and cook

So, let's start with what we will understand: squid first cleaned or cooked? How correctly to arrive? In general, untreated are considered more useful and qualitative. After all, in factories they are subjected to heat treatment, because of which they become more rigid. However, the inhabitants of the Mediterranean countries know how to prepare them. So, they advise to do so: first defrost the seafood to room temperature, and then dip for a couple of minutes in boiling water (the skin should curdle), drain unnecessary liquid and send the carcass now into cold water. Believe me, after these manipulations, the folded skin can be removed very simply. Then the internals are removed. And now our squid is almost ready. The most difficult part has already been accomplished. This method, in our opinion, is the best, it allows you to keep the softness, juiciness and tenderness of the product.

Time matters

We have already figured out how to clean the squid. How much to cook squid - remains to be seen. And this is how it is done. Put pepper in a pot, salt and, of course, a bay leaf. Next, you need to wait for the moment when the liquid boils, then in it you need to lower the carcass literally for ten seconds and quickly remove it. So you have to deal with every piece.

squid how to peel and cook

Complicated? Not at all. However, that's not all. It would seem, what else should the hostess do to prepare these seafood, except how to clean and cook? Squid, especially properly cooked, is a delicious delicacy. But in order to feed the relatives with just that, and not with "rubber", it is desirable to practice. This requires skill. Try at least a couple of times to cook a clam in the way that we described above. And it is not necessary to spoil the entire carcase, it is enough to cut off a couple of pieces. And remember: prolonged heat treatment (over 3 minutes) is contraindicated! She completely deprives the seafood of any taste, and even about the nutritious and can not speak. Tender meat turns into a piece of sole that can not be chewed.

That's how he is whimsical - squid. How to clean and cook these cephalopods, navrnoe, is already clear. But, as they say, there is no limit to perfection, and therefore, we will continue to get acquainted with the tricks of culinary craftsmanship. So...

Another way of cooking

Methods of cooking squid in facta lot of. However, frankly speaking, they are not all good. We want to offer you another option worthy of attention. It is necessary to bring the water to a boil with spices and salt, and then put our mollusks there. Immediately remove the pan from the heat. And let them stand in boiling water for about ten minutes.

how to cook and clean squid

Speaking of what a great productsquid, how to clean and cook it correctly, it is impossible not to mention one more way of its preparation - without the process of defrosting. To do this, simply dip the carcass into boiling water for literally one minute, then turn off the fire and hold another two to three minutes in the water.

Not only cook, but also fry

Squid - this is a universal product, from which you can make a lot of delicious dishes. All of them are very diverse and not so difficult to prepare. And now you will be convinced of this.

So, you have a squid on your table. How to clean and cook it, we figured out, let's find out how to properly fry it.

Perhaps you will be surprised, but before the hot shellfishshould be boiled. To do this, use one of the above methods. Then cut them into rings or in the form of straws. Each dip into a sauce of beaten eggs with salt, sour cream and spices, roll in crackers and fry in vegetable, and preferably - butter, but no more than five minutes.

squid is first cleaned or boiled as is correct

Remarkable are squid baked inoven or on a grate. But for such an option, they must first be marinated in a few hours. As a marinade, you can use lemon juice, garlic, pepper and paprika. Then the mollusks are put on a grill and baked, pouring the remaining liquid.

As a rule, inexperienced cooks are interested in howcorrectly squid clean: before cooking or after it? Of course, before, just beforehand having showered them with boiling water. Knowing this simple secret, you can easily cope with the preparation of any dish from the shellfish.

Stuffed squid

At the beginning, the squid is cleaned, and then discardedcarcass. Then half the stuffing must be stuffed with minced meat. As a filling, you can take eggs with mushrooms, rice with vegetables, cheese and shrimp, apples and cottage cheese. The edges of squid can be fastened with toothpicks, and then stew them in the oven in a small amount of liquid. A couple of minutes before they can be sprinkled with cheese and sent back to the oven to form a tanned crust. In the finished form, the dish can be poured with wine, cream, sour cream, nut or tomato sauce.

how to cook and clean squid for salad

Do not be surprised that in many recipes youthere will be an unusual combination of products. For example, squid with crab sticks and corn, with minced meat, sprat and bread, dried fruits and nuts.

In any national cuisine there are manysecrets of cooking shellfish. But you always need to remember one rule. Do not overload these dishes with spices. The main ingredient has the property of actively absorbing all surrounding odors. So your culinary masterpiece can turn out to be too saturated.

The seafood prepared by itself isnot all, you need to pick the right side dish. For example, vegetables, rice, pasta. Then decorate the prepared dish with herbs and lemon, olives. Then the dish will turn out to be harmonious and unrepeatable.

How to choose when buying fresh squid?

To prepare a good meal, you need tojust buy a fresh enough product. Squid meat, as a rule, is sold frozen. Carcasses sometimes come with tentacles. Any frozen product should not be frozen several times and thawed. Wrong conditions for its storage can nullify all the gustatory qualities. Therefore it is not surprising that there is an unpleasant smell of fish and a bitter taste. When cooking such a clam creeps in the hands and strongly foams when cooking. A dish from such a squid does not turn out delicious, and then it's not your fault, and it's not in the recipe. Therefore, carefully inspect the goods when you choose it in the supermarket.

 how to cook and clean squid for salad

The carcass of the shellfish should have a dense consistency. The upper film that you will shoot, has a brownish-pink tint, and the meat inside - white.

Never buy cleaned carcasses. Of course, it's convenient. But it is the squid film that is the part by which you can certainly determine its freshness. How? Yes, it's very simple. See: if the skin is yellowish in color, and the meat inside is not white, then it is better not to buy such a product. Surely he has already been lying in the window for a long time.

Little trick

Imagine a situation when you are stillpurely accidentally digested squid, and the meat became hard. Dont be upset. Not everything is so bad. Do not immediately throw out the product. There is a small trick that will make the carcass softer. This squid needs to boil for about an hour. Yes yes exactly! Of course, the mollusk will decrease greatly in size and lose almost all its useful properties, but you will correct the situation. And get your own experience in the preparation of these inhabitants of the sea depths.

What delicious can you make from squid?

Most often squid meat is used to make salads, but they can be served as a separate dish.

how to peel squid how much to cook squid

Naturally, seafood salads are not prepareda lot. It is a delicacy and nutritious product with a specific taste, because the main ingredient is the squid itself. He must prevail. The remaining components should be put much less.

Recipe for salad from squid with rice

How to properly cook and clean squid for salad, we have already figured out. Let's now consider several recipes.

For the preparation, take:

  1. Rice - 100 g.
  2. Eggs - 3 pieces.
  3. Squid (better than their fillets) - 250 g.
  4. Green peas (canned) - ½ jar.
  5. Dill greens - one bunch.
  6. Salt and pepper are put on your taste.
  7. Sour cream with mayonnaise.

For the preparation of boil rice. Squids are cleaned and boiled in one of the above ways. Then cut them in the form of rings. Boiled eggs cut and mixed with squid and peas. Mix for refilling sour cream with mayonnaise, add salt and pepper, and chopped greens. Mix all ingredients with sauce. Here is the salad ready.

Squid with potatoes and onions

Take the following set of products:

  1. Potato - 0,5 kg.
  2. Squids (fillets) - 0,4-0,5 kg.
  3. Vegetable oil.
  4. Onion - 100 g.
  5. Green onion.
  6. Ground pepper.
  7. Table vinegar.

For salad cooking, boiled squid carcassesneed to cut into strips. Potatoes boil in a uniform, cool, and then clean and cut into cubes. Onion cut into rings. Gently combine all the ingredients, adding ground pepper. You can also sprinkle a little vinegar. The salad is dressed with vegetable oil.

Instead of an afterword

As you can see, recipes for seafood dishesnot complicated. The main thing is to properly clean and weld the mollusks properly. And further preparation will not be difficult. Take advantage of our advice and you will be pleasantly surprised by the result. Bon Appetit!