Pita bread with salmon: tasty and original

Among the many snacks that are rightfullyare a decoration of the table, a special place is occupied by lavash and salmon rolls. They are very beautiful looking on the table, differ completely different (depending on the recipe of preparation) tastes, quickly and simply prepared.

For their preparation, except slightly salted fish (salmon or any other) requires a fresh, very thin Armenian lavash. Determine the taste of rolls will be their filling.

Pita bread with salmon

Fish is slightly salted - the main component, butthe other ingredient is unstable: some cooks prefer processed cheese, others - butter. If the recipe uses cheese, then it is taken as much as salmon. Oils need less, to taste. Piquant greens can give the product a piquancy. For fish the most suitable is coriander, and the feathers of onions, parsley and dill, mixed with chopped zest or lemon pepper, will do.

Lavash leaf spread on the table, well lubricatedwarm melted cheese. On top spread thin strips of chopped salmon, copiously sprinkled with herbs mixed with zest. Another way suggests that the cheese is first mixed with greens, this mixture is smeared with lavash, and only then fish is added.

Tightly fold the roll, send for cooling in the refrigerator. Before serving, chopped lavash rolls with salmon are decorated with greens.

Those who diligently monitor their weight andfigure, avoid eating bread, even pita bread, you can recommend rolls of salmon with cheese. Firstly, they need only slightly salted slicing, cheese (fused) and young cucumbers, therefore, the dish is low-calorie. Secondly, in taste and appearance, it resembles popular rolls.

So, first cut the cucumber. One - with stripes, the other with circles. Fillet of salmon or other slightly salted fish spread on the table, smeared with melted cheese (most suitable for "President", "Viola", "Yantar"). From the edge place a strip of cucumber, greens, tight roll roll. Before serving, each received roll is placed on a "stand" from a circle of fresh cucumber.

Since rolls of pita bread with salmon mistresses will not cost very cheap, you can cook cheaper, but not less tasty rolls of herring with vegetable filling.


  • fillet of herring (it is cheaper than salmon or trout);
  • boiled egg;
  • boiled carrots;
  • boiled beetroot;
  • lemon;
  • bow;
  • any cheese.

First cut the cheese so that it can be used as a "support" for the roll. Spread out on a dish that can be decorated, for example, with greens.

On the cheese lay a fillet, cut into narrow strips, rolled up in the form of a glass. To "glass" is not disclosed, it can be fixed with a ring of onions.

Inside the rolled fillet, mixed with mayonnaise finely chopped beets, carrots, onions, eggs. They can be mixed not with fillets, but with lemon juice and olive oil. Rolls are ready.

Men will be pleased with more nutritious, high-calorie rolls of pork with mushrooms, which are often called "fingers."

For them, take pork fillets, well-beaten, slightly salted, peppered, onions, mushrooms, vegetable oil, mayonnaise or sour cream.

First with a fry fried very finely choppedmushrooms. You can take the usual oyster mushrooms or champignons, but more flavorful dish will come with forest mushrooms. Then they lay out on the pre-prepared fillets, fold rolls, fix them with a toothpick or tie them, so that they do not open, a branch of greens. On a hot fire, roast the rolls to a crust, then spread into a bowl for baking. Pour the resulting semifinished product with mayonnaise or sour cream, if desired, sprinkle with cheese, put in the oven.

After half an hour, the fragrant, hearty dish is ready. Bon Appetit!