"Senezhskaya" water: description and characteristics of the product

Everyone from school knows that the humanthe body consists of water almost 80 percent. That is why special attention must be given to the quality of that liquid, which replenishes daily natural reserves at the time of food intake. According to experts, "Senezhskaya" water is an ideal option for such purposes.


Nowadays, people have long understood that nosynthetic enhancers can not replace the natural purity and useful characteristics given by nature itself. This was the reason that in the nineties of the last century not far from Moscow a factory belonging to the company "Bobemax" was built, for extraction and bottling of natural drinking water.

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The enterprise is located in the village of LozhkiSolnechnogorsk district. This is one of the most environmentally clean corners of the Moscow region, which is far from the industrial zone. Here at a depth of 210 meters there is a water layer, the formation of which began almost 145 million years ago. A natural product is extracted from an artesian well. After a little processing in the Russian stores comes the product called "Senezhskaya" water. The production is fully certified, and there is a registered license for the work in progress. This gives users additional confidence in the quality of the product. "Senezhskaya" water has a unique mineral composition, which is appreciated by specialists. The company's products are awarded numerous medals awarded to it at various international competitions. This once again confirms the fact that the "Senezhskaya" water is not only safe, but also very useful for people of almost all ages.

Product range

To meet the ever-growingneeds of the population, the company produces its products in a fairly wide range. Drinking water "Senezhskaya" enters the trade network both enriched with carbon dioxide and non-carbonated. In the first case, it is used as a soft drink, which, while quenching thirst, simultaneously saturates the body with useful trace elements and minerals. The products are produced in glass and polyethylene containers with a capacity of 0.25, 0.5 and 1.5 liters. Water without gases also finds its application. It is often used by people who lead a fairly active lifestyle, because in addition to the ideal taste qualities, this liquid helps people maintain a normal state with nervous and physical overloads. And in recent years there have been many people who want to use this popular product daily as a basis for cooking.

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The manufacturer went here to meet them. The sale of bottles with a capacity of 5,0 and 19 liters. Now there is no need to go to the store often. If you want, you can buy the required quantity in advance and use it gradually for the intended purpose.

Competent opinion

Lately, there have been a lot ofdifferent brands of drinking water. Buyers often find it difficult to make their own choices, so they pay attention to the opinions of experts. After all, all the products that arrive on the shelves of stores are constantly researched in the laboratories by groups of scientists who then make their verdict regarding the quality and properties of a particular sample. According to their competent opinion, the ideal product for everyday use is the "Senezhskaya" water. Customer feedback is in full agreement with this statement.

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Of course, because it helps to cleanse the bodyman by removing harmful toxins from it. This natural product not only regulates the important water-salt metabolism for humans and normalizes digestion, but also contributes to the overall strengthening of immune functions. All drinks produced under this brand have an acid-base balance that is close to neutral. This allows them to be used even by people with various abnormalities in the digestive system.

Main characteristics

Mineral water "Senezhskaya" hasexceptional properties due to its chemical composition and basic characteristics. Its total mineralization is not more than 0.5 grams of salt per 1 liter. Stiffness and alkalinity are also within acceptable limits. The use of this water is due to the presence in its composition of the four most important elements: fluorine, magnesium, calcium and bicarbonates. Manufacturing processing preserves this unique natural complex and brings it to the consumer almost in its original form. And the excellent organoleptic characteristics and bacteriological purity of the product allow it to claim the title of the best world brand in its category. In recent years, the company has mastered the production of a completely new type of mineral water enriched with oxygen.

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In addition, natural juices were added to the drinks, which significantly increased consumer demand and raised the rating of the trademark to a higher level.