A chicken stuffed with pancakes is an amazingly tasty and original dish.

A few years ago, I probably would notbelieved, if they told me that I would become an excellent hostess in the kitchen and prepare delicious and original dishes. But in fact, this is the case. I used to not know how to cook at all. But love works wonders. Yes, I fell in love, and I wanted to surprise and delight, I began to learn culinary arts.

Today I can safely say that cookingdishes - this is my favorite pastime. But the most delicious, I get a chicken stuffed with pancakes. So, first you need to buy a nice, appetizing chicken. In order to separate the skin from the wings and legs from the meat, it is necessary to make a cut on the back and remove the meat along with the chicken skeleton. On the lower leg and wings are also cuts.

To the chicken stuffed with pancakes, it turned outreally tasty, you need to pay special attention to the preparation of pancakes. They should at you turn out simply unique. We will prepare them on the basis of milk, mineral water and greens, as well as eggs and flour. First, beat the four eggs with a glass of flour, then add an incomplete glass of mineral water and half a cup of milk. Mix everything, pepper and salt to taste, and then add finely chopped green onion and dill. The dough turns out rather liquid. Next, grease the frying pan with butter and bake pancakes. They are obtained different from two sides: on the side that is baked first, the greens are not visible, we will superimpose the filling on it, and on the other hand we will see a green ray and dill.

Now, as for the filling for pancakes. The recipe for chicken stuffed with pancakes requires attention to yourself. Only in case of exact observance of all steps will it be a unique chicken and exotic appearance. So be careful. So, for the filling you need to cook, and then finely chop the chicken meat, leaving the broth for mincemeat. Two medium bulbs chop and fry in sunflower oil until golden brown. Add to chopped chicken mince and a little broth, enough will be half a cup. In addition, also add 50 grams of butter. Salt and pepper to taste.

Separately make stuffing from mushroom stuffing. Fry on sunflower oil half a kilogram of finely chopped mushrooms, mixed with two chopped onions. Add two tablespoons of chicken, stir everything, do not forget to add salt.

The chicken, stuffed with pancakes, will be even more delicious,if you use one more filling for pancakes - a filling of one or two carrots. They need to be grated on a fine grater and fried in sunflower oil with a finely chopped onion. Then add two tablespoons of chicken and stir everything.

Now put on the pancakes fillings in the followingorder: on the edge, put the filling out of the carrots, then lay out the mushroom filling, and complete all the chicken mince. Pancakes will permeate each of the fillings and will be juicy and tasty. Now roll the pancakes into a roll and fold it up next to the chicken legs in the skin of the chicken. Next, sew a chicken or fasten the incisions with wooden toothpicks.

It turns out quite a fat chicken,stuffed with pancakes. It must be lubricated with various spices and wrapped in two layers of foil. The chicken is baked in the oven for 40-45 minutes. Set the temperature at 200 degrees in the oven. After this time, ruddy, juicy chicken should be got from the oven, and when it cools down, the foil can be removed.

Delicious, just a magical chicken with pancakes,the recipe of which appeared from my grandmother's stories, is sure to please all guests, as well as your loved ones. The main thing is, stick to the recipe of preparation, do everything as written above. Then the chicken will turn out juicy and appetizing.