Original salad - "Chrysanthemum"

How many different festive salads! But among all this variety, the salad "Chrysanthemum" occupies a special place. It is gentle and very beautiful - after all the name itself indicates its magnificence. How to cook it?

Chrysanthemum salad - recipe and description of preparation

• Finely chop the peeled bulb and leave it for half an hour in a container of cold water, so that bitterness is gone. Drain the liquid.

Boil 5 eggs. Separate the squirrels and yolks in different dishes and grate medium-sized.

• Cut 400 g of crab sticks as small as possible.

• One apple without skins, grate on a medium grater. To the apples do not darken, pour them with lemon juice.

• Now make layers, not forgetting abundantlysmear them with mayonnaise: cover the bottom of the dish with lettuce leaves and put the apple layer first. Next, half the chips of egg yolks, crab sticks, 200 g of soft cheese, grated, onions, at the end egg whites. Fill with mayonnaise and pour the remaining yolks.

• Decorate the Chrysanthemum salad with reala flower of blue cabbage. To do this, cut the head of blue cabbage into long strips. In the center of the prepared salad, put a few green lettuce leaves and decorate the flower itself, carefully placing the cabbage strips in the form of chrysanthemum petals.

Chrysanthemum yellow salad

It will take almost 40 minutes to cook. But it's worth it, because your guests will try to figure out what you made this yummy from.

• Boiled chicken thigh cut into strips.

• Salted fungi (about 200 g) cut into strips and fry them in vegetable oil.

• Slice one onion with half-rope and sprinkle with boiling water, so as not to be bitter.

• Chicken, mushrooms and onion mix and put on a beautiful flat plate in the form of a slide.

• Prepare egg pancakes. To do this, mix two eggs with a fork, salt and pour into a large frying pan to make the omelet thin. If you have a small-diameter frying pan, then grill the pancakes in portions over half the eggs. Finished chilled pancakes cut into thin long straws and sprinkle them with a salad slide.

• Decorate with corn.

This dish is called "Chrysanthemum Salad Yellow", since it has a bright yellow color. Against this background, a flower decoration, similar to the one described in the previous recipe, will look very effective.

Flower cooking is a fashionable trend in the art of cooking

Today, dishes fromcolors. Flowers, which are looked at, bring no less pleasure than those that eat. For example, chrysanthemum is edible. Shoots, inflorescences and leaves of this plant have a piquant taste and a specific flavor. The flower itself is used to decorate various dishes, cakes, decorate sandwiches and freeze flowers in ice cubes.

In Asian countries chrysanthemum is a product for very tasty and nutritious desserts.

If you want to make a candied flower onthe basis of a live chrysanthemum for decorating a sweet dish or baking, you can proceed as follows: whip the egg white and hand brush the petals with a brush. Then, through the strainer, gently sprinkle the flower petals or buds with sugar powder and dry them on a napkin or paper towel. To get a color in the color of chrysanthemum, you can paint sugar powder.

If you want to try to cook Chinesedessert from the flower of chrysanthemum, then use this recipe: chrysanthemum petals to lower for a while in a mass of eggs and flour, then take out and quickly dip into melted hot oil. Spread on paper and let the excess oil soak into the paper. Sprinkle with sugar or powdered sugar. This treat is like a cake and can be served with ice cream. Some gourmets visit Chinese restaurants exclusively for this dessert.

Experts argue that floral cooking is very useful for health and has a number of healing properties. But this is already a topic for another conversation.