Can I put enamel cookware in the oven? All truth from inventors

The most famous folk wisdom is thatthe way to the heart of a man lies through his stomach. By the way, not every young woman can surprise her chosen one with incredible delicacies this minute. Experience in such matters comes with time, as well as a sense of satisfaction at the sight of a well-fed man.

Can I put enamel cookware in the oven

Which saucepan to take on borscht, what to bake the gooseor what kind of frying pan to use for baking pancakes? For advice, you can always refer to a wise experience of mothers and grandmothers. But sometimes this dilemma needs to be resolved urgently. If the house has no other utensils, except enameled, is it possible to put it in the oven?

Can I put enamel cookware in the oven?

The unequivocal "no" to this question you will not hear. A beautiful and durable novelty was developed by leading physicists and chemists of the Soviet Union. Their endeavors brought to light a paint that has high heat resistance, durability and is safe for humans. And all this thanks to a special coating consisting of a glass-ceramic layer.

To make cast iron, steel ware was morecute, a thin layer is applied to the surface with a crystalline coating, which is dried in an oven at a temperature of not less than 850 degrees. Thus, a high enamel density is achieved. Therefore, without fear, you can use enamel cookware in the oven.

Care instructions

To keep the dishes long, it is worth sticking to several rules that will help prolong the life of your favorite kitchen utensils:

  • after buying it is necessary to warm a saucepan with a saline solution (two tablespoons per liter), bringing it to a boil for "hardening";
  • Do not pour cold water into a preheated container;
  • Avoid mechanical shocks, drops of dishes;
  • for cooking and stirring use wooden or Teflon blades, spoons;
  • It is not necessary to prepare thick viscous dishes in enameled dishes;
  • Do not boil the milk in such containers.

You can use enamel cookware in the oven

Let's return to the main question

So can you put enamel dishes inthe oven? The answer is yes. Using it with accuracy, adhering to the rules, the young mistress will receive not only a delicious dish, but also prolong the life of her utensils:

  • placing the container in a preheated oven, heat it on fire with a small amount of water or oil;
  • Do not use a container with cracked or chipped enamel, since the likelihood of paint getting into food is high;
  • The temperature of the heated oven should not exceed 250 degrees;
  • The saucepan should be filled to the brim to avoid cracking the enamel in the unfilled half.

What if the food burns out?

Having prepared your favorite dish, you noticed that on the bottompots left the burnt food? It does not matter, you can easily get rid of it. To do this, do not use all your favorite metal "hedgehogs", knives and scrapers. You just need to fill the bottom with warm water, add a few spoons of sodium bicarbonate (soda) and leave for an hour. "Being present", the dishwasher can easily be cleaned of ugly carbon without the use of "rough" force.

If the first method did not help, try addingin water two tablespoons of vinegar and boil. Such a solution will not only cope with the burnt area, but also the enamel will bleach. Any beautiful dish is a joy for the eyes of a good housewife. A beautiful drawing, bright colors can lift the mood in one moment, it is only worth looking at your favorite set.

can be cooked in an oven in enamel ware

To please their household, a woman cana whole day to bake, cook and fry. The disadvantage in baking tanks is not a problem, because the answer to the question that interests us, whether it is possible to put enameled dishes in the oven, is found. With proper use from the first days of operation, your saucepan will serve you faithfully. Despite the way of preparation unusual for this kind of kitchen utensils, it is possible to cook in an oven in enameled vessels.

Of course, it is worth remembering that there is a masscunning devices for this type of cooking. Special ceramic braziers, stainless steel trays can help in the preparation of any dish. But if there is still no other container, you know exactly the answer to the question of whether it is possible to put enameled dishes in the oven.