How to make pancakes with chicken and cheese? Recipes

Pancakes with chicken and cheese will serve as an excellent lunch for the whole family. You can cook this dish in different ways. However, we decided to present you only a classic version.

pancakes with chicken and cheese

Make delicious pancakes with chicken and cheese, minced meat and smoked meat

To prepare the dish in question, you do not needwill require any special ingredients. Pancakes for such a dinner should be done on milk. With regard to the filling, then as it can be used and boiled chicken breasts, and smoked meat, and even hard cheese. But first things first.

So, to prepare homemade pancakes with chicken and cheese, we will use the following ingredients for the dough:

  • whole cow milk - 750 ml;
  • eggs large - 2 pcs .;
  • sugar white - about 2 large spoons;
  • table salt - 2/3 of a dessert spoon;
  • water is cold - ½ cup (can be slightly more);
  • flour white - add at discretion;
  • soda canteen - 2/3 of a small spoon;
  • vegetable oil and cream - for frying pancakes and their lubrication, respectively.

Cooking pancake batter

Before forming pancakes with chicken and cheese,mix the foundation. To do this, whole cow's milk is mixed with lightly beaten eggs, adding sugar and salt to them. Then, the ingredients are poured into the baking soda and white flour is poured into them. After mixing the ingredients, a viscous dough is obtained (the consistency should be like that of thick sour cream). To make large and thin pancakes, the foundation must be diluted. For this, ordinary drinking water is poured into it.

After repeated mixing,Liquid dough, which is covered with a lid and left aside for ¼ hour. During this time, the flour will slightly disperse, the base will become more homogeneous, and also lose all unwanted lumps.

pancakes with chicken

Process of frying pancakes

Before preparing pancakes with chicken minced meat or any other stuffing, the base should be properly fried. In doing so, you should get even and thin products of large diameter.

So, to implement the presented recipeTake a thick-walled saucepan and grease it with vegetable oil. In this form, the dishes are strongly heated on the stove. Then part of the base is laid out in it. As a rule, a soup ladle is used for this. They scoop out the dough, and then poured in a circular motion on the hot pan. To make the pancake more delicate and uniform, the dishes are immediately tilted in different directions. In doing so, ensure that the dough covers the entire bottom of the pan.

After the top of the pancake has dried, andthe bottom one is browned, it is turned over with a spatula and is cooked for a few more minutes. Then the product is removed, placed on a plate and smeared with butter.

The rest of the pancakes are baked according to a similar scheme. And all of them should get the same diameter and thickness.

We make pancakes with chicken minced meat

Homemade thin pancakes can be stuffed with any products. In this section of the article, we decided to present a recipe with chicken forcemeat. For its preparation we will need:

  • chicken breasts - 900 g;
  • bulbs white - 2 pcs .;
  • pepper chopped and table salt - apply to taste;
  • rice cereal - 60 g;
  • olive oil - 3 large spoons.

pancakes with smoked chicken

The process of cooking chicken minced meat

To make chicken mince, breast thoroughlywash, removing the bones and skin. Then they are ground in a meat grinder, alternating with the heads of onions. After that, minced meat is served with spices, mix it well and put it in a frying pan with butter. In this form, the product is fried until ready. Then it is removed from the plate and cooled.

To make stuffed pancakes more nutritious, to the chicken mince necessarily add rice croup. In this case, it is pre-boiled in salt water.

How to stuff homemade pancakes?

Once the chicken ground is ready, itsshould be placed on a pancake in the amount of several tablespoons, and then folded with an envelope. Having formed all the products in the same way, they are placed on a frying pan and fried on both sides.

Making pancakes with boiled chicken

In addition to minced meat, homemade pancakes can be stuffed withhelp conventional chicken breasts. They are cooked to complete softness (in salt water), and then cooled and cleaned of bones and skin. After that, tender fillets are cut into small cubes. To get a more nutritious dish, chicken breasts are mixed with grated cheese.

The resulting stuffing is stuffed with pancakes, as described above, and placed them in a pan. After roasting the products from both sides they are removed and served to the table with sweet tea.

Pancakes stuffed with cheese and chicken, are very delicious, nutritious and nourishing.

pancakes stuffed with cheese

We cook a dish with smoked meat

If you do not want to boil meat or cookforcemeat, we recommend making pancakes with smoked chicken. To do this, the bird is peeled from the skin, and then shredded in small cubes. The resulting product is spread over the pancake and folded with an envelope. After frying the product in a frying pan, it is immediately served to family members.