"McDonald's" in Barnaul: addresses. Fast Food Restaurants

The chain of McDonald's restaurants in Barnaul is workingfor a long time, still enjoys great popularity. Today we want to tell you about all the establishments of this network. About fast food is said so much that you do not want to repeat. It is tasty and inexpensive, satisfying and original. It is these qualities that quickly fed the world. To date, McDonald's in Barnaul is already opening the 11th restaurant, everyone meets with the townspeople with great enthusiasm.

makdonalds in barnaul

Design and design

This network is very easy to learn by noteworthyattributes. Initially, the emphasis was more on children. That is why the design of these institutions was appropriate. These are bright colors and comfortable chairs, lots of free space for games, posters and posters featuring cartoon characters. But everything has its time, and the company management decided to reorient its network somewhat.

The new design has become more calm and versatile. Now in the situation there were wooden tables, chairs with artificial leather, muffled lighting, which gives some romanticism. The red scale was virtually eliminated and muted by a terracotta tint, the yellow was turned into a golden color, green and olive shades added. From the interior, almost removed the plastic, adding wood and brick.

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Restaurant in the street Vlasenko

In a big city it is very important to choose a restaurant,which is located closest to your house. To date, McDonald's in Barnaul has already deployed a fairly large network, and now it's easier for you to choose where to go in the evening. One of the oldest institutions is located along Vlasenko Street, 384B. In each of the restaurants of the network there is its own specialty, to which the shares are distributed. Here it is a sausage in a dough that is made exceptionally delicious. Crispy and juicy, she will like anyone.

Shopping center "Ladozhskaya"

This is the largest shopping center in the city, whereEvery day there are hundreds of visitors. Walking through endless boutiques tires, and by lunchtime a strong appetite is played out. Very opportunely here a new restaurant was opened by the McDonald's company (Barnaul, Ioffe St., 432 A). Like everyone else, it is primarily an institution focused on children. That's why the interiors use such bright colors, and so much time is given to the original packaging. "McDonald's" in Barnaul is no exception.

According to statistics, the hamburger is the most popular commodity here. And this is completely unsurprising. A fragrant bun with a juicy cutlet and fresh vegetables will please absolutely everyone.

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For shopping in "Mercury"

Mercury shopping center is another major tradea house where whole families come. It is located at ul. Novosportivnaya, etc. 272. While children have fun on the playgrounds, adults can safely walk through the store and choose what they need. Of course, a large center can not do without a diner or a cafe. In our case, everything is much more interesting. Shopping center "Mercury" offers a restaurant from "McDonalds".

French fries and nachos chips will conquer you and for the wholelife will change your opinion about tasty. Crispy and delicate snacks are conquered from the first bite. And let them say that a fast food restaurant is a supplier of harmful fast food, it is not necessary to eat such dishes every day. And sometimes pampering yourself does not hurt at all.

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House by the stream, d. 106B

Unlike many others, it works with 9:00 to 18:00, that is perfectly suitable for a snack during the working day. For a good lunch, choose a salad roll for yourself. This is fresh vegetables wrapped in pita bread. A terrific snack. A perfect addition will be a crisp burger. After such a dinner, hunger will not visit you for a long time. Fast food restaurants of this network are aimed at giving you the opportunity not only to have a snack, but also to have a good time, that's why many opportunities for children's entertainment have been invented here. These are special corners with easels and toys, slides and soft designers. While the children are playing, the adults calmly rest on the couch.

tts Ladozhskaya

Central array

Another famous McDonald's in Barnaul. Address ул. The central array, 389. He works from 9:00 to 23:00, so if you are late for work, you can have a nice dinner here in a pleasant company of colleagues. The highlight of this restaurant is desserts. Delicious cakes and donuts with glaze, great cocktails and drinks, all this will become a luxurious end of the day. The restaurant is relatively small, which makes it especially cozy for family evenings.

Other addresses

In order to make it easier for you to choose a restaurant for yourself, we will list a number of addresses, according to which McDonald's restaurants operate today.

You are expected from 9:00 to 22:00 at the address: street 2 Settlement, house 269B. He has been working for a long time and has become fond of many citizens.

Another restaurant is located at: Barnaul, ul. Malaya Narimanova, d. 252. He works from 09:45 to 20:30. For the most late visitors there are other institutions of this network.

After eight o'clock in the evening you can go to the address. Lovatskaya, 498B. This restaurant is open until 21:15.

For the night owls there is another restaurant: st. Smoky, 481. His work hours are from 09:00 to 22:30.

All of them are distinguished by excellent service and deliciouskitchen. Polite staff and excellent service create a great mood for the whole evening. This is not surprising, because like the standards of cooking, and the standards of customer service in this network are unified. Therefore, in which restaurant you go, you will always have a good breakfast, lunch or dinner.

barnaul st ioffe

Expansion of assortment

The main products are hamburgers and cheeseburgers,dishes from chicken and french fries. Milk cocktails and desserts are also very popular. One of the brightest chips of restaurants are complexes for breakfast. Recently, fast food has already fed people in its classical sense, most of them today are attracted to a healthy lifestyle and, accordingly, a healthy diet.

It is in connection with this network of restaurantsMcDonald's extends its menu, including salads and fish, juices and cocktails, as well as fruit. This has become a new branch in development, as it attracts even more visitors.

Food delivery at home

If you do not want to go anywhere, then a delicious lunch will come to you. The terms of the order can vary greatly depending on the restaurant that you have chosen and the places where you want to deliver the order.

If you live close by, then the courier will bring you food,However, it does not matter, even if you live in a suburb. Estimated cost of delivery by courier is 250 rubles. If the order amount exceeds 1000 rubles, the delivery will be made free of charge. You can always check with the operator.

Order payment

You can choose two options. The first is payment in fact, in any physical restaurant. However, you can go through your account on the site and pay. This can be convenient if the children are going to the restaurant, and you can control their menus without leaving the workplace. Here plastic cards and electronic wallets are accepted, and also payment via KIWI terminals is available.

Fast food restaurants can not be calledthe best option for regular meals, but no one forces you to do it every day. Of course, nutritionists are largely right, but one hamburger once a week has not harmed anyone. The most important thing is to explain this simple truth to your children.