Delicious homemade billets: berry-viburnum, a recipe for cooking for all occasions

Kalina-berry, famous in folk songs,which gained special popularity after the famous story of Shukshin and the film with his participation, really did not deserve respect for nothing. It contains a rich vitamin complex, organic acids, tannins and many other useful things. Because the viburnum is successfully used in the treatment of many diseases, from colds and ending with cardiovascular. Unfortunately, you can use fresh berries for a short period. But in the canned form it is used practically all the year round.

Kalina in syrup with sugar

Viburnum Cooking Recipe
How can viburnum be preserved? The recipe for cooking, the most common, looks like this. Brush with berries rinse under the faucet, lay on a sieve and let it flow well. Then tear off the twigs. Wash and sterilize the jars, fill in the prepared products. Filled with a saturated sugar syrup is such a viburnum. The recipe for cooking is this: 550 gr. water is 450 gr. Sahara. Consumption of raw materials and pouring: berries - 600 gr., Syrup - 400. Filled cans boil: half-liter - 15 minutes, liter - 20. Then roll. In a dry cool place can be stored up to six months harvested by this technology berry viburnum. The recipe allows you to change the number of components in accordance with the specified proportions.

Kalinovy ​​juice

Viburnum Red Cooking Recipes
Another very valuable with food and medicalpoint of view of the product - juice from the viburnum. It is worth noting that the berry has a pronounced bitter taste. To soften it will help such a small trick: clean and send the fruit for an hour and a half in the oven, heated to 120 degrees. Then, when the viburnum is ready, the cooking recipe recommends that it be wiped without cooling, through a thick sieve. Bones and the remains of pulp gather into cheesecloth and through several layers strain (you can manually). Now make syrup (for 650 grams of water - 350 grams of sugar) and pour in the prepared mass. The amount of puree and filling is required 1: 1. Pour the saucepan with the contents without boiling. Pour the juice into jars and pasteurize them for 20-25 minutes, then close.

Viburnum in sugar

Viburnum Cooking Recipes
Easy and fast canned in sugar of viburnumred. Her recipes are close to the previous one. Berries also need to be protested in the oven for 1.5-2 hours. If you have already picked up the frozen fruits from the tree - nothing, they are also suitable. Wipe through a sieve, fill with sugar (per kilogram of berries the same amount of sand is spent), heat and heat into cans, better capacity 0.5 liters. Sterilize for 20 minutes and roll.

Kalinovyj jam

If you have a lot of viburnum,cooking recipes offer to make jam out of it. Fruits wash, leave to dry, and then fend off the twigs. Fold in the cooking bowl. The juice of berries is not very much, so they need to immediately fill with syrup. For this, 800 grams are consumed per glass of water. Sahara. And for 1 kg. 1.5 kg is required. Sahara. Filled with hot syrup berries cook for about half an hour on a small fire. Then let cool, brew, and after at least 5-6 hours, repeat the process. Practically ready jam pour on sterile jars and tighten. Successful canning!