How to prepare squid in a creamy sauce. Recipe

Squid in creamy sauce is an ideal dish for those who like to pamper themselves with sea delicacies. In the preparation of such an unusual goulash there is nothing complicated.

squid in creamy sauce

It should be noted that tender squid meatperfectly matches not only with creamy, but also with a flavorful cheese sauce. As a side dish for this dish, boiled rice or fresh vegetables is perfect.

Squid in cream sauce: recipe step by step preparation

All ingenious is simple. This statement fits perfectly to the dish in question. To cook it at home, we need a simple set of ingredients, or rather:

  • frozen squid - about 1 kg;
  • onion large onions - 2 pcs .;
  • cream 15% fat - about 250 ml;
  • whole cow milk - about 150 ml;
  • processed cheese - 100 g;
  • Parmesan cheese (you can use any other, but only hard) - add to your taste;
  • wheat flour - a large spoon;
  • oil without vegetable flavors - 2 large spoons;
  • salt cooked - apply to your liking.

We process seafood

Before you cook the dish "Squid in creamysauce ", the product should be thoroughly processed, for this the frozen seafood is fully thawed, and then washed in warm water, removing all inedible films .By the way, it is best to use only squid carcasses for preparation of this dish.As for the tentacles, they can be added to - Either a salad or a snack.

squid in a creamy sauce recipe

We cook seafood

To squid in a creamy sauce turned outas soft and tender as possible, it should not be boiled for long. To do this, take a small deep dish, fill it with cold water and bring to a strong boil. Then, all the processed squid carcasses are alternately lowered into the bubbling liquid. After repeated boiling, seafood is boiled for 4 minutes. During this time they should become gentle and soft.

If you cook squid for too long, they will be "rubber" and not very tasty.

After this time, the seafood is removed from the boiling water and completely cooled. Then they cut into not very thick rings or semirings.

Preparation of cheese-cream sauce

How to cook squid in cream sauce?After the seafood is boiled and crushed, proceed to the processing of onions. It is cleaned and shredded in cubes. Then the vegetable is spread in the saucepan, add to it vegetable oil without flavor and fry well until it is clear.

After the described actions are poured into the vegetablewheat flour and mix everything thoroughly. Next to the ingredients are poured whole cow milk, low-fat cream and grated processed cheese. In this composition, the products are heated on low heat until the last component completely dissolves.

how to cook squid in cream sauce

The final stage

Squid in creamy sauce is a very tasty and nutritious dish. To cook it, you will not need a lot of time.

After the cheese-cream sauce is ready,it is cooked with salt, and then they spread the previously squashed carcass of squid. In this composition, the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Also added to it grated cheese "Parmesan".

Mixing all the ingredients again, they are brought toboiling on high heat, and then remove from the plate and immediately cover with a lid. In this condition, squid with cream sauce is insisted for about seven minutes. During this time they should become as fragrant and tasty as possible.

We present a delicious second course to the dinner table

Now you know how calamari is cooked in a creamy sauce. The recipe for this unusual cheese goulash was presented above.

After a dish of seafood will befully prepared, it is immediately presented to the table. To do this, take not very deep dishes and put in it pre-cooked rice or crumpled potatoes. Then garnish generously poured cheese-cream sauce and spread a few rings of squid. Sprinkle dinner with fresh chopped herbs, it is presented to the table along with a slice of bread.

squid with cream sauce

It should be specially noted that cookingthe dish in question can be not only with squid, but also with other seafood. For example, this goulash is very tasty, along with mussels, shrimps, oysters, octopuses, etc.