Restaurant "Podmoskovnye Nights". Description and reviews

Today we will tell about the restaurant "Moscow regionevenings ". This is the very first institution that was opened on Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway. The chef of this restaurant is the famous Italian Antonio Mellino (he has the Michelin stars).


There are two cuisines in the institution:Italian and not Italian. If we talk about the first, it includes a variety of risottos with vegetables, shrimps and mushrooms, pastas and pizzas. Also on the menu are a variety of Italian snacks, for example, a lobster in Catalan, a salad with shrimps and arugula and others. Guests in the institution can try and soups (for example, minestrone). There are many seafood and dorado fish dishes on the menu. Presented are also meat dishes - Korean lamb with ratatouille, marbled beef with arugula and others.

Moscow restaurant evenings on ruble

If we talk about not Italian cuisine, then sheincludes various dishes popular in the countries of the former Soviet Union. For example, guests of the establishment can taste salad "Olivier", vinaigrette, khachapuri, borsch, herring with potatoes and more.

Entertainment and additional services

The restaurant also has a large wine cellar.There is a large collection of wines from different parts of the world. In the institution there is a billiards, karaoke bar, veranda, which works in the summer season. Also for kids there is a children's room. In the institution there are "catering" and "take-away" services. Wi-Fi is available throughout the restaurant. On weekends, live music is played here.

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Near the institution there is a secure parking (free).

"Podmoskovnye evenings" - a restaurant on Rublyovka. Address, opening hours and average check

This establishment is located at the address: Russia, Moscow region, Zhukovka settlement, Rublevskoe highway, 205. The restaurant "Podmoskovnye Vechera" is open daily. Opening hours: from 12.00 to the last customer.

The average check in this institution is three thousand rubles.


Those who visited the restaurant "Podmoskovnye Evenings"say that this is a worthy place to relax with friends or for events. The food in the restaurant is very tasty. The atmosphere in the restaurant is pleasant and relaxing.

restaurant near Moscow evenings

The halls here are decorated exquisitely. If we talk about prices, then they are quite high. But, as the guests say, sometimes it is worth paying to spend a great time.


Now you know what the "Podmoskovnye vechera" restaurant is. We told where this institution is located. Also the article presents the opinion of the visitors of the restaurant.