Kalina steamed: recipe and recommendations

viburnum steamed recipe
Few have heard of such a useful preparation,as a viburnum paralyzed. Its recipe is passed on from generation to generation. Prepare this unusual revitalizing product at home. Perhaps you will ask: "Why is viburnum a berry, the recipes of which are very diverse, should it be steamed?". Because only with this method of cooking you will be able to keep in it such a quantity of vitamins that will allow it to equate it in value with black currant and dogrose.

The viburnum is steamed. Recipe

If you are allergic to citrus, then viburnumcan be a great alternative. Vitamin C in it is no less than in lemon, and also there is carotene, phosphorus and iron. Rich in parainic viburnum with potassium, iodine, copper and magnesium. Healing berry can reduce cholesterol, and therefore it is recommended by doctors to monitor the health of patients with atherosclerosis. In Ancient Russia, virgin olive oil (the recipe of which has survived to this day) was considered a delicacy. Here are several ways to prepare a choice.

parched viburnum
The viburnum is steamed. The recipe is the first

This method will require you to have a goodoven. Even better, if you have a multivark, because in this way cooked viburnum requires a specific temperature regime. First rinse the berry in running water, lay in an enamel pot. Suitable also for cast-iron dishes or a clay pot. Fill with water. Its quantity should be equal to the weight of the viburnum. Add two tablespoons of unsafed honey to each glass of liquid. Now, this capacity should be put on a slow fire. From 10 to 12 hours, it should be held in the oven or from 4 to 6 - in a multivark.

The second way of steaming the viburnum

Washed berries in clay or enamel warepour a small amount of water (no more than half a glass). Cover and simmer, stirring, for about three hours. Then the viburnum is wiped through a sieve, added sugar or honey to the resulting puree, poured hot water and soared for about eight hours.

Viburnum berry recipes

Healing berry in recipes of sweets

The methods described above make it possible to eliminate the Kalina fromcharacteristic characteristic of her bitterness. So, it can be used for making jelly, compote or as a filling for pies. In order to weld the jelly, dilute a glass of Kalina with two glasses of spring water. Add starch or agar-agar. Boil and, after cooling, drink. Such a drink will be of invaluable help to those who suffer from hypertension, ulcers or duodenal ulcers. To make pirozhki with kalina, make or buy in a department of the frozen products an ordinary yeast dough. Drain the juicy berries of extra juice (it is useful, so do not pour it, and drink it), sprinkle them with starch or flour and, spreading the filling on the dough pieces, blend small items. Obtained ointments should be placed under a clean towel. Then they spread on a baking sheet, grease from above with a yolk with the help of a brush. Bake until blanch. It is better to sprinkle the items extracted from the oven with water and cover with a towel. Then they will become soft.