Lasagna recipe that conquered the world

If you ask any person:"What do you associate with Italy?". Many people will start to list: "The sun, the sea, wine, lasagna !!!" Italian cuisine can not leave anyone indifferent. It, like its inhabitants, is colorful, colorful and attractive. It's amazing that the same dish is prepared differently in different parts of this warm country. For example, Italians living on the Sicilian coast, prepare lasagna mainly with seafood, and their northern fellow citizens prefer to add meat to this dish. Whichever lasagna recipe is used, it will be equally tasty and aromatic. This dish is already more than 7 centuries, and England and Scandinavia are claiming the title of his homeland, but since it is prepared in Italy, nowhere else to try!

So, the classic lasagna recipe, whichused in many restaurants, consists of dough layers, which gave the name to the whole dish, Parmesan cheese and Béchamel sauce. All other variations on the theme of this dish are the result of the imagination of the chefs of different provinces. Its classical version is the basis for the subsequent preparation of various varieties of lasagna. So, how to make lasagna yourself?

First of all it is necessary to purchase stratatest, which will form the basis of the whole dish. Italians usually prepare them themselves from flour and water, which makes lasagna more juicy than from the same industrial products. Actually, the lasagna recipe, which every Italian knows, is 70% of these layers, so their choice should be treated very carefully. They should be made from solid varieties of flour. The second most important ingredient in this dish is Béchamel sauce, which is present in all varieties of lasagna cooking. To create it, you need half a liter of milk, a pinch of salt, 4 tablespoons of butter, nutmeg and 4 tablespoons of flour. First you need to melt the butter, and then add flour there and mix thoroughly until all the lumps are completely dissolved. After cooling a little of the resulting mass, you need to pour in milk here, and then simmer all this for another 10 minutes. At the end of the preparation of Béchamel sauce it must be salted and nutmeg added. Each layer of lasagne is poured with this sauce. It should not be regretted because any lasagna recipe, no matter what they take, will be juicy and aromatic with this sauce.

Among all the recipes everyone can find for themselvessomething special and new. This is an amazing dish that absolutely everyone can enjoy, because there are several varieties of its fillings. So lasagna can even eat radical vegetarians, adding inside it tomatoes, spinach, onions, greens. Perhaps the most popular recipe is lasagna with meat, which also has several varieties. The main thing in this variation is to prepare meat sauce correctly. To do this, take veal, chop it into small pieces. Some recipes allow the use of ground beef. The main thing is that the meat should be fresh and of high quality, since in this kind of lasagna it carries with it all the flavoring colors and smells. First it should be lightly fried in a frying pan, then add the tomatoes, finely chopped onions, bell peppers, garlic, Italian seasonings and cook until ready. To prepare meat lasagna, you need to take a rectangular shape, in which to lay first one layer of cooked to half-ready layers, then add the meat sauce, and on it - Bechamel sauce, then put the dough again and repeat so layer by layer. At the end of the top, again put the dough and sprinkle abundantly with Parmesan cheese. Put the resulting dish in the oven until cooked, about 20 minutes. Fragrant lasagna is ready!