Art-cafe "Sleeve": about the institution, the menu, how to get, reviews

Art Cafe "Sleeve" - ​​a place for unusual people. This is not a primitive institution, but a cafe that claims itself immediately as soon as you cross the threshold. Daring interior, polite staff, delicious food and live music, it would seem, what else can you dream about? But the cafe has secrets ...

Art Cafe Sleeve photo

About cafe

All those who are somehow connected with the world of art, know the fashionable sculptor and artist - Alexander Rukavishnikov. It is from his name that the name of the stylish art-cafe "Sleeve" takes place.

And all because his art studio is in the same room with the institution. This makes the design unusually attractive and memorable for visitors.

What is secret and entertaining? And the fact that it is not just a cafe, but in combination an exhibition hall of Rukavishnikov art objects.

Art Cafe Sleeve

The whole room is decorated with sculptures, and guestsInstead of a boring waiting for an order, they can enjoy their look, consider more carefully. And if you like something, you can buy it to decorate your home, office and other premises.

The article presents the photo of the art-cafe "Sleeve", where you can see Rukavishnikov's creations and appreciate the general atmosphere of coziness, comfort and warmth.

About what they feed

Menu art cafe "Rukav" richly home-cooked dishes. There is a wide variety of light snacks and salads, as well as meat and fish dishes.

Among the snacks can be found in the menu as hot, soand cold. In addition, a huge selection of first courses, such as: delicious borsch, sterlet ears and fragrant home-made noodles. There are other equally attractive positions in the menu.

Art-cafe "Rukav" offers a variety of drinks. A great selection of wines that perfectly fit any dish, as well as extraordinary cocktails. For those who do not drink alcohol, you can order fragrant coffee, tea or juice.

The whole kitchen consists of author's and European dishes, among which everyone can choose something to their taste.

Who is suitable for this institution?

This is a universal institution, which will appeal to almost everyone. It is especially suitable for resting a fun company in the evening or for daytime talks.

Of course, if you want to surprise a girl, thenthis is the ideal option to spend a romantic date. After all, the art-cafe "Sleeve" impresses not only sculptures and exquisite menu, but also the very environment, which is filled with antique furniture, vintage items, bright lights.

A special attention should be paid to the hall"Pulcheria Ivanova". It provides room for up to 20 people, which makes it perfect for the gathering of companies in honor of a significant day, such as a wedding or a fun birthday.

Art Cafe Sleeve Reviews

Due to the richness of the interior, its exhibits and design nuances, this institution will also please both adults and children.

It is worth noting that a special love is enjoyed by the hill, which is built in the form of a kind of staircase and attracts a lot of enthusiastic views.

Working time and how to get there?

If you are interested in this unusual place,then you need to know, in the cafe doors open to visitors from 12 days, and close only after the departure of the last visitor. Working hours: Monday to Sunday, that is seven days a week.

The institution is located in the center of Moscow, so you can get to the art-cafe "Rukav" along Zemlyanoy Val Street, the nearest intersection with Sivyakov Lane. Official address: Earthen Val, 59/2.


Positive feedback from the art cafe "Sleeve" is deserved. People like the service, the furnishings and, of course, the food, so visit this institution still worth it.

Art Cafe Sleeve how to reach

However, there is nothing in the world that could collect only rave reviews or only purely negative ones. Therefore, how many people, so many opinions.

In connection with the above, for a real assessment it is necessary at least once in your life to have a cup of coffee in the art cafe "Sleeve" and make your own impression about the institution.


Summing up, I want to say that the cafeinteresting for its design and is characterized by an unusual feed. It is tasty food here, and it is located in the center of Moscow. In addition, it is completely universal, and it can be visited by any person. The schedule and location of the establishment make it one of the most interesting offers.

Therefore, if you are interested in this place, then they will always receive you with joy!