Restaurant "Veranda, 13" (Mytishchi): address, description, menu, reviews

Good restaurants can be found not only in Moscow,but also in its suburbs. Mytishchi is a city where more than 200 thousand people live. The infrastructure is well developed here. There are a large number of leisure and entertainment facilities, public catering establishments. Many of them can compete with the capital's institutions. For example, the restaurant "Veranda, 13" (Mytishchi). It will be discussed further.

restaurant veranda 13 Mytischi


What should be in the public institutionfood, so that it is very popular among customers? Let's try to answer this question. First, high quality of service; second, quality and varied food; thirdly, affordable prices; Fourth, beautiful interiors ... You can enumerate for a very long time. The most important thing is that the institution wants to return. Restaurant "Veranda, 13" (Mytishchi) - this is the place that can satisfy the most diverse preferences of customers.

Here you can spend the most beautiful evening inown life. The restaurant can be tasty and hearty to eat in a beautiful atmosphere, and also to sing in karaoke. The interior of the institution is not only stylish, but also comfortable. Soft leather sofas, pretty lampshades, comfortable chairs. Here there is an easy and romantic atmosphere.

veranda 13 Mytishchi restaurant reviews


Here, customers will prepare dishes of European, Italian and Japanese cuisine. Let's look at the menu and see what they offer:

  • Shrimp fried in spices.
  • Eggplants in Italian.
  • Spaghetti carbonara.
  • Risotto with porcini mushrooms.
  • Borsch with pampushkoy and sour cream.
  • Cutlets from a rabbit fillet.
  • Pork loin with potatoes.
  • Seabass in foil.
  • Beef carpaccio.
  • Steak salmon on the bone and more.

Also on the menu there are pizzas, burgers, sushi, rolls anda wide variety of side dishes. For sweet tooth delicious desserts: tiramisu, chocolate truffle, blueberry pie, apple strudel, etc. A wide selection of soft and alcoholic drinks. The delivery service is running. Any dish you like can be ordered on the site or by phone.

Location and opening hours

The restaurant is located in Mytishchi. His address - Olympic Avenue, 13 A. It runs daily from 12.00 to 00.00, except Friday and Saturday: these days the institution operates until 6 am.

Restaurant Veranda, 13 (Mytishchi): reviews

Many visitors like this place very muchgood service and quality food. They note that it is possible to hold any event here, as well as business negotiations. Here you can come with children who will be comfortable and fun in the children's room. Restaurant "Veranda, 13" in Mytishchi hospitably welcomes every visitor.