The first gastropub in Kazan: the restaurant "Romaine"

What place of those where you can visit,remember you the most? Of course, where you will be surrounded by a good environment and where you will serve delicious food! Not so long ago, the first gastropub opened in Kazan: the restaurant "Romaine". There is absolutely everything you can taste. Whether you come by a noisy company or spend an evening in a quiet family circle, you will have the most pleasant impressions of a wonderful pastime in this amazing place.

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Restaurant "Romain" in Kazan

The townspeople come here not only to eat deliciously,but also to rest. After all, the restaurant "Romeine" is different from other institutions of the public catering. There is no specific direction for cooking a particular cuisine, but for guests there is an opportunity to try a wide variety of dishes.

The bar's map is full of cocktails and largeassortment of alcoholic beverages at affordable prices. And talented bartenders can on the move come up with a new cocktail especially for you. The restaurant "Romeine" in Kazan is called gastropab well-deserved, as a wide range of gastronomic dishes are harmoniously combined with the drinks presented in the menu.

The team, led by chef Alexei Kurbatov, likes to delight visitors with various gastronomic experiments. The restaurant's special dish is steaks cooked in a hospice.

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The restaurant has a separate room, designedfor karaoke lovers. And in the summer time there is a terrace. On weekends, live music is played and a dance floor is provided. The average amount of the check is about 1500 rubles.

Contact Information

Find in Kazan restaurant "Romaine" you can bythe next address: Chistopolskaya street, house 40. The restaurant has a website with the same name, where you can see the menu, a map of the bar, find out information on the delivery of food to your home or office, and see a gallery with photos of the institution's interior.

Contact phone number of the restaurant "Romaine" in Kazan, to clarify the necessary information or book a table, can also be found on the official website.

The doors of the gastro-pub are open for visitors 7 days a week: from 11:00 to 2:00 am, and on Sunday the service hours are reduced from 12:00 to 00:00.

On weekdays, the whole menu provides a 20% discount: from 12:00 to 17:00.

Menu of the restaurant "Romain" (Kazan)

As we said earlier, the assortment will pleaseany, even the most demanding guest. For noisy companies are provided meals consisting of a meat assortment. There is a special menu for children, and in addition, different snacks, salads, soups, hot dishes cooked on a chosper from meat, fresh fish, poultry, vegetables. You can also order specialties such as steaks, burgers, pasta, risotto, smoked meat products, seafood dishes, specialty sauces and desserts.

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A large selection of spirits in the bar: wines and a variety of beers. The restaurant "Romaine" really has something to be proud of, as the masters of their business in the kitchen and in the bar will do their best to make the guest happy.

Opinion of visitors about the first gastropaba

Reviews about the restaurant are exceptionally positive. Visitors celebrate a cozy atmosphere with a stylish design, delicious cooking and a beautiful serving. From the moment of ordering to getting a dish or a drink, it takes very little time. All this characterizes gastropub, as a resting place with a well-organized professional team of cooks and staff. Service here at a high level, and most importantly - it is unobtrusive, the guests are always comfortable with the work of the waiters.

All visitors expressed a desire to re-enterreturn to the restaurant "Romaine" (Kazan), as they were impressed with the rest in this place. Everyone who has ever visited a gastro-pub advises his friends to come here too, since there is a pleasant audience consisting of friendly companies and married couples.