Sprat in tomato sauce: how to choose, cook and eat

Perhaps the most budgetary canned fishdomestic market - this is sprat in tomato sauce. In times of total deficit, Soviet housewives could cook 1000 and 1 tasty dishes out of it. Today, these canned goods are somewhat forgotten. And this is completely in vain. From sprat in tomato sauce you can cook delicious soups, second courses and salads. In addition, sprats can be a good snack with a slice of black bread. It remains only to learn how to choose them right in the store.

Natural selection

At first glance it seems, how you can determinequality of the product in a closed can. But even in the store you can understand a lot if you read the label carefully. So, the most qualitative will be sprat in tomato sauce, which is cooked near the place of fishing. Basically this is the Baltics, of course.

Sprat in tomato sauce

It is worth reading carefully and the composition on the label. So, quality canned food is made only from sprat, tomato paste, vegetable oil, onion, flour, spices, vinegar and salt. By the way, if there is no flour and oil in the composition, it means that the sprat was not previously fried. Such canned food will have a less pronounced fish taste. Another secret - if the sprat is just a fish, then the manufacturer tried to save money and used a cheaper herring. On the taste of the finished product, this will also affect the best way.

And the last. You need to carefully inspect the jar. It should not have dents, damage, rust and, of course, blisters. The label should be glued exactly and neatly. On the top cover there are 3 rows of numbers, meaning the production date, the assortment number and the manufacturer's code. For sprat, the marking "352" or "532" is used. It will be, respectively, unroasted or fried sprats in tomato sauce. The price can also say about quality. Good canned food on average will cost from 30 rubles per bank.

Examination with passion

After the desired can of spratwas at home, it can be opened and inspected. In quality canned whole fish will lie tightly to each other. They will be at least 70% of the total mass. In this case, the tomato sauce will be thick and have an even dark red color. If there are clots of oil on the surface, and the consistency is not uniform, it is worth remembering this producer and no longer buying his products.

It is very important that the sprat in tomato sauce is notbroke and did not crumble only from one touch. The fish can taste slightly bitter, as it can be preserved together with the viscera. However, if bitterness prevails, most likely, raw materials were of poor quality. It is better to discard such a can, since canned food can be spoiled. It is important to remember that unscrupulous producers often use sprats in tomato sauce for waste disposal.

Benefit and harm

Sprat in tomato sauce recipes

Of course, like other canned fish, sprat intomato sauce is very nutritious and rich in many valuable trace elements. It is recommended to regularly eat for schoolchildren, pregnant women and the elderly. These canned foods, thanks to the high content of vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus, contribute to the growth of bone tissue and its strengthening. They are easily absorbed by the body and support the work of the heart.

However, it is not worthwhile to abuse them, soas canned food contain vinegar and other food additives. This can have a negative effect on the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Also, it is not worth those who lose weight, include in their diet such canned food as sprats in tomato sauce. Caloric content per 100 grams of the product is quite high and amounts to 182 kcal, and in one bank it is 455.

Cook at home

Those who can not imagine their lives withoutsprats in tomato sauce, they can make it themselves, and even for future use. Such canned food will not only be delicious, but also, for certain, more useful. After all, homemade cooking can not be compared to anything else.

Sprat in tomato sauce caloric content

So, half a kilo of sprat (frozen preliminarilydefrost in the refrigerator) to gut, remove the head and tails. This is the most time consuming part, since the fish is very small. One large onion cut into cubes, and grate the carrots on a large grater. Fry in a large amount of vegetable oil until soft. It is better to use a frying pan with a thick bottom, in which the sprat in tomato sauce will be prepared. On top put already prepared fish. Add a tablespoon of sugar, salt well, put a bay leaf and a pea of ​​sweet pepper.

In 300 ml of tomato juice (you can survive from freshtomatoes or use ready) to dissolve a tablespoon of flour and pour the squirrel so that it was covered from all sides. Put on the smallest fire and simmer under the lid for about half an hour. Then add a tablespoon of vinegar, hold on for another 5 minutes and pour over sterilized jars. Roll up and put it in a cool place.

Interesting fact

Sprat in tomato sauce price

Very few people guess, but from the same fishBoth sprats and sprats are made in tomato sauce. Recipes, different in fact, made some canned food elite, and others - budgetary. However, both are well-deservedly popular.