Restaurant "Timerhan" in Kazan: the luxury of the 90's in modern processing.

If you, when you come to Tatarstan, are in search of a real national cuisine, then be sure to visit "Timerhan" in Kazan, a restaurant where President Vladimir Putin dined 12 years ago.

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At the entrance to the institution in the eyes immediately rushcolumns with gold-plated lattices. Wooden panels on the walls, a glossy gloss of a curtain ceiling, crystal chandeliers - as if in one place collected all the luxury of the 90s. But first things first.


A sign on the building"Cultural and entertainment center" is somewhat outdated. The previously functioning billiards, a sports bar and a golf hall have long since closed. In a huge empty foyer an impressive fountain has dried out. And on the faces of the cloakroom attendants you can read only one emotion: "boring." If you include the imagination, it can easily be imagined with a scale a dozen years ago there were festivities. But today the restaurant "Timerkhan" is not so impressive as it crosses the threshold of the hotel in Kazan. There is a feeling that I went to the museum.

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Based on some observations, you cansay that the institution is not located in the most convenient place. Korolenko is not the street where his potential clients live. But in fact before the restaurant was considered the most popular place, for the sake of visiting which many rode through half the city. But as they say, tempora mutantur et nos mutamur in illis (times change, we change ourselves). There are many large and beautiful restaurants in the center of the city, and the "iron ruler", hiding among the Khrushchev, does not surprise anyone.


In total there are 4 rooms in the institution, and in the largest of thethem (with a capacity of 270 seats), you can have a fun jubilee or a noisy wedding. Do you want to seclude yourself from extraneous views? No problem! For this there are VIP-halls:

  • large - with a capacity of up to 30 people;
  • small - for 12 seats.

For conferences or business negotiations there is a conference hall, the comfort and severity of which will allow you to conduct and successfully conclude important transactions. Capacity - up to 20 people.

The menu of the restaurant "Timerkhan" in Kazan is quitevolume - about 500 dishes. The first pages are devoted to the gastronomy of the Tatar cuisine. But another thing surprises: the chef of the restaurant is the Indian Raj Kumar. However, judging by the reviews, he cooks great.

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Having made an order in an institution, you will understand thatTatar dishes have not lost their originality. If the national cuisine preserves the ancient traditions of cooking, the chef enriches them, changing for the better.

In addition to eating, the restaurant "Timerhan" in Kazanoffers its visitors more than 150 varieties of alcoholic products, including wines from Spain, Georgia, Chile, Italy, Israel, France, as well as the famous cognacs Camus, Meukow, Hennessy. And as an exclusive proposal, you can try one of the latest creations of the French Hennessy - Richard Hennessy.

Reviews about the restaurant "Timerhan" in Kazan

Visitors noted that the menulack of description of dishes. Of course, the inhabitants of the country need to know their kitchen, but the guests are difficult to understand. As for food, there was not a single sharp criticism. Although minor complaints were.

For example, many people rated the taste of roast"Kazan". According to the visitors, the hot dish is more like an Asian shurpa with lamb. By the way, about meat: as it turned out, in many cases it was harsh. But the presence of raisins in the form of prunes among other ingredients is difficult to evaluate.

About lamb la pan except that the ode did not sing. For those who do not speak French and are far from high cuisine, we explain: it is a question of fried potatoes with lamb chicken with garlic and champignons. The guests of the restaurant "Timerhan" in Kazan paid special attention to the method of filing. The dish appears on the table not on a plate, but in a heated frying pan, and that the ingredients along the way are not burned (during delivery from the kitchen to the visitor), a cabbage leaf is placed under the kitchen utensils.

Are there those who do not like sweets? Of course, yes, but there are few such people, so you can discuss the most delicious dessert at the restaurant "Timerkhan" in Kazan.

thymerkhan restaurant kazan reviews

Traditional Tatar sweetness chak-chak in the form ofpieces of fried dough and honey can be bought for only 90 rubles. No less delicious, according to the guests, is also a bake called a jam - a fried patty with meat. But there is one thing - you have to wait an hour for the delivery.

And finally about the service

According to visitors, the service of the restaurant"Timerhan" in Kazan is one of the best. The waiters are trained at a professional level: they know the name of each dish (it's worth recalling that the menu has a number of 500), they have a nice and neat appearance, and also respond with humor to uneaten dishes, saying that they will necessarily shame the cook.