Mushrooms in sour cream sauce, as well as cooking meat and meatballs in sour cream.

Sour cream sauce can be prepared for different dishes.You can serve it to salads, pastries, and also to meat dishes. Not to mention the fact that mushrooms in sour cream sauce are simply amazing and inimitable. In this article, you will learn about several original and delicious recipes that are prepared in this unique sauce.

Mushrooms in sour cream sauce

This recipe is quite simple and does not take up much free time. In order to prepare mushrooms in sour cream sauce, the following ingredients will be needed:

Mushrooms - 0.6 kg;

Onion - a couple of pieces;

Carrots - 2-3 pieces;

Sunflower oil;

Garlic - 3-4 slices;


Sour cream

Rinse the mushrooms, then cut them into cubes.Heat the frying pan with butter and put mushrooms on it, fry it a little. Add chopped carrots, onions, sour cream and mayonnaise to 5 tablespoons, squeezed garlic and warm boiled water, so that the mass was not very thick. In the mushrooms add pepper and salt and pour in them cooked sauce. All this is boiled for about 10 minutes.

It is best to serve mushrooms in sour cream sauce with potatoes. The prepared dish is used with garnish and without it.

Meat in sour cream sauce

This recipe is considered one of the simplest. Products that are needed for cooking:

Meat - 0.6 kg;

Sour cream - 100 g;

Mayonnaise - 2 table spoons;

Ketchup, condiments, salt

To begin with, the meat needs to be cut into pieces anda little fry in oil. Then pour it with the prepared sauce: mix sour cream, mayonnaise, a little ketchup, finely chopped cucumbers salted and podsolit. Then simmer the meat in a sauce until completely cooked on a small fire.

Beef in sour cream sauce

This dish does not require much effort from you either. It is prepared for about two hours, from which you will only be busy for half an hour. Products:

Beef - 0.6 kg;


Onion - a couple of pieces;

Tomatoes (you can take ketchup or any tomato sauce) - a few pieces;

Flour - 1 table spoon;

Broth (you can use boiled water) - 1 glass;

Garlic - a couple of lobules;

Salt, condiments

Initially we beat the beef with a kitchen hammer,then fry until a crust is formed in the oil. Now we are preparing vegetables. Chop onion and fry until half cooked and sprinkle with flour. Add tomatoes (ketchup or sauce) and garlic, cut into small pieces. Now all this pour broth or water boiled. After that, boil and pour a glass of sour cream, then mix. Add the sauce to the meat and place in the oven for an hour and a half.

The recipe for meatballs in sour cream sauce

The duration of cooking meatballs is about 50 minutes.


Minced meat - 0.7 kg;

Rice is half a cup;

Sour cream - 200 g;

Water - 100 ml;

Eggs - 1 piece;

Onion - a couple of pieces;

Tomato paste - 3 table spoons;

Ketchup spicy - 2 table spoons;

Vegetable oil - 4 table spoons;

Pepper, salt

Boil rice until half cooked.Onion peel and grind. In the mince, add pepper, egg, salt and onions. Mix well and add to rice. From this mass, prepare the balls, about 30 g each. Balls roll in flour, then fry in vegetable oil.

To prepare the sauce, mix tomato paste, ketchup, sour cream and water (you can use the broth). Prepared sauce pour the meatballs and simmer for no more than 20 minutes on a small fire.

Meatballs in sour cream sauce


Meat (pork, veal, chicken) - 0.7 kg;

Sour cream - 1 glass;

Onion - a couple of pieces;

Garlic - 5 lobules;

Eggs - 1 piece;

Carrots - a couple of pieces;

Flour - 1 spoon;

Sweet pepper - 1 piece;

Salt, parsley root, pepper, celery

To prepare forcemeat, it is necessary to twist intomeat grinder meat, add salt, pepper, garlic, egg and onion. Stir the stuffing thoroughly so that it is elastic. Grate the carrots, chop the peppers, season with celery root and parsley, then fry in oil. In the vegetables pour sour cream, add pepper and salt, then bring to a boil. In a glass of boiled water (warm) dilute the flour and pour neatly into sour cream with vegetables. Then again boil, but that it does not thicken.

Of the prepared minced meat, lay the meatballs and lay them outon the foil. Pour over the sour cream sauce and place in the oven. The dish is prepared for about half an hour at 220 degrees. If desired, decorate the meatballs with cheese, grated, then put them for another 12 minutes in the oven. When they form a ruddy crust, then the meatballs are ready.