Restaurant "La Veranda" (Anapa): description, menu, reviews

The restaurant "La Veranda" in Anapa (La Veranda) is a small corner of Italy that is located on the Black Sea coast in the resort city of the Russian Federation

The restaurant surprises with its exquisite cuisine, a solid bar, a beautiful interior, a sunny atmosphere, beautiful views.

Resort town

Anapa is a port city resort in Russia, located on the Black Sea coast near the Caucasus Mountains. The climate is Mediterranean.

Here, since the times of the USSR, manysanatoria, which are popular for their useful procedures and healing air, beneficial for the human body. And there is also a large number of children's camps here.

And just on the territory of one of the local city sanatoria "Anapa Okean" is a cozy Italian restaurant "La Veranda".


In the interior of the restaurant "La Veranda" (Anapa) there are three zones of rest and food for the guests of the establishment:

la veranda anapa

  1. The first is a hall in the classicalItalian style (light colors in the interior, soft sofas, on the walls - photos of famous Italian actors, singers). There is quite a quiet atmosphere, which has a business meeting with a glass of wine and a good lunch or dinner.
  2. The second is the space between the bar counter and the stained glass window opening. In this location, a stage is set on holidays and musical events are held.
  3. The third is a zone for relaxation, and also a leisurely friendly conversation over a cup of fragrant tea or delicious coffee.

restaurant la veranda anapa

In the outer space of the institution there is a summer veranda, from which a wonderful view opens. At the table it is pleasant to dream with a glass of fine Italian wine and admire the picturesque nature.

Author's cuisine of the institution, which is representedvarious dishes, as well as the most famous European dishes, will perfectly complement your stay in this cozy place with new taste impressions.

Kitchen and wine

The key point in the preparation of food in the restaurant "La Veranda" is that the products are used exclusively natural, farm, exclusively from trusted suppliers.

The institution considers its main mission to developthe wine culture in the city of Anapa, because it is the largest institution offering such a variety of strong drinks. For true connoisseurs of good alcohol in the restaurant, a wine shop is located, the assortment of which is huge, and the prices are retail.

la veranda anapa menu

Menu "La Veranda" (Anapa)

The chef of the establishment is a real Italian PaoloLopolito. It is from under his magic hands that real masterpieces of culinary art come out: pastas, pizzas and so on. And he also prepares dishes of European cuisine, without which it is impossible to imagine a modern restaurant of this level.

Paolo is from the seaside town of Bari, whichsouthern part of his native country. Therefore, it is so close to the spirit of the city of Anapa, its climate, mountains, sea and fish. And he decided to cook professionally thanks to his grandmother, who often visited children.

Dishes offered by the restaurant "La Veranda"


  • pâté from rabbit with orange;
  • pate from veal liver;
  • terine from chicken liver;
  • hummus whiting;
  • burrata;
  • lightly salted beef meat;
  • author's snack;
  • carpaccio of scallop;
  • carpaccio of beef;
  • beef tartar;
  • cheese plateau;
  • meat gastronomy "In Italian";
  • oysters.


  • warm with veal;
  • with squid;
  • with rabbit and greens;
  • from the chicken liver;
  • from duck breast and others.

Hot appetizers:

  • baguette on coals with vegetables;
  • cake with cheese;
  • Tartar from artichokes.


  • "Four cheeses";
  • "Margarita";
  • "Mantecat";
  • "Popeye";
  • "Magnolia";
  • "The Black Lady Margaret";
  • "Dyavolo";
  • "Bacon, eggs and truffle";
  • "Oyster mushrooms and goat cheese";
  • "Shpek and Scamorets";
  • "Prosciutto Fungé";
  • "Pear and Gorgonzolla."

Dishes cooked on the grill:

  • chicken with sauce;
  • fillet of tuna;
  • breast of duck;
  • mussels;
  • squid;
  • vegetables (Bulgarian pepper, zucchini, eggplant, champignons);
  • lyulya-kebab from lamb meat;
  • chicken lub-kebab;
  • rack of lamb;
  • a hen;
  • royal prawns;
  • octopus;
  • scallops.

Desserts in the menu of the restaurant "La Veranda" (Anapa):

  • ice cream;
  • cheesecake;
  • date cake;
  • chocolate cake;
  • dessert with vanilla cream on sweet cotton wool;
  • dessert "Panna Cotta" according to the Italian recipe;
  • tiramisu;
  • antigura.


  • baguette;
  • Focaccia with sauce, Parmesan cheese, rosemary, homemade cheese;
  • grissini;
  • bread "Borodino".


  • Freshly squeezed juices (orange, apple, pineapple, lemon, grapefruit, carrots, celery);
  • juice-nectar packaged (250 ml);
  • coffee;
  • ice coffee;
  • cappuccino;
  • beverages;
  • lemonades;
  • energetic drinks;
  • tea;
  • non-alcoholic cocktails;
  • alcohol.

The wine list is represented by the widest assortment of white and red wines.

New branch

Cafe "La Veranda" (Anapa) in the terminal of the localThe airport also offers visitors and tourists a glimpse of a cup of tea or coffee, as well as to taste the delicious dishes presented in the menu, and be sure to purchase a bottle of wine, which is represented in the café shop.


Excellent feedback from visitors to the restaurant very clearly reflects the institution itself: its atmosphere, the culture of serving and serving, the kitchen, the bar.

cafe la veranda anapa

This is what the guests who visited La Veranda write:

  • the best restaurant in town;
  • quality cuisine, delicious food;
  • service at the highest level;
  • fast food delivery;
  • democratic prices;
  • an excellent selection of wines;
  • availability of hookah;
  • very tasty salads and pizza;
  • good portions of dishes;
  • background music;
  • musical evenings;
    restaurant la veranda anapa menu
  • calm atmosphere.

Information for tourists

Address of the institution: Anapa, Lenin street, 3, Krasnodar Territory. More precise location: the corner of Lenin and Naberezhnaya streets, the territory of the sanatorium "Anapa Okean".

Kitchen institutions: Italian, author's, wine store.

Working hours: daily from 10:30 to midnight.