How to properly cook squid or deliciously feed the whole family

You need to live beautifully.A beautiful life includes not only stylish clothes and accessories, but also healthy and healthy food. However, every day more and more people prefer exotic food. But who said that the non-standard approach to cooking can not be as useful and tasty. And then a number of questions come to mind: how to cook squid properly, how to clean shrimps, etc. After all, not everyone has encountered similar products before.

Why deny yourself something?Tasty and useful, and most importantly exquisite food is now available not only to the gods, but also to ordinary people. How to properly clean squid, which sauce is best suited and many other questions should not remain unanswered. After all, the full range of knowledge in the field of cooking will not hurt anyone.

Exquisitely and useful ...

So, if still literally a few years agosquid for most people were a wonder, and they could only be tried by those who have a number of privileges, but now squid is available in any form in the nearest supermarket. To taste and appreciate their taste is now within the power of anyone who wants to. But here, too, have their secrets, so it is necessary to know how to properly cook squid, how long it will take, etc.

Squid meat has a number of usefulcompounds and vitamins, for example, amino acids, proteins, polyunsaturated fats, which play a decisive role in human nutrition. In addition, squid is rich in such minerals as phosphorus, iron, copper and, of course, iodine. That is why it is necessary to clearly understand how to properly cook squid, so that all these substances do not disappear during cooking.

How to boil squid?

It's no secret that squid usedin food even in ancient Rome and ancient Greece, only knew them then, as the "winged fish." However, even then their amazing taste and enticing aroma conquered the hearts of the ancient inhabitants.

In most cases, people prefer to buy already peeled squid, so as not to mess with them for a long time. Then they just have to cook them correctly.

  • The first thing to do is to freeze frozen squid and rinse it with cold water. Separate from each other.
  • Then put the water on the gas, slightly add salt. You can also add a little spice to taste.
  • After the water boils, throw thawed squid into the water and cook for 10 minutes at times stirring.

Some people prefer not to pour out the water in which the squid was cooked, then to cook the sauce out of it, but it depends on your personal preferences.

The most edible product!

For many people, the fact thatsquid almost everything is edible. In some countries, even suckers and squid eyes are eaten. Of course, most people are not accustomed to such food and are just enjoying the amazing taste of squid meat.

Despite the fact that squid is rich in a number ofminerals and vitamins, their meat is very nutritious and useful. It is also worth noting that this seafood is very nutritious, but at the same time it is low-calorie and is ideal for those who watch their shape, and generally for what it uses for food.

Thus, it is not forbidden to live beautifully.And if you really live on a "broad leg", then you do not need to deny yourself something. Tasty and healthy food are the main components of healthy development and functioning of the human body. That's why it's worth paying close attention to the foods you consume. And also follow all the rules and instructions for their preparation. Therefore, before you start preparing dinner, make sure that you really know how to properly cook squid.