Duck in the sleeve - the most delicious cooking recipes

What can be more delicious than soft and fragrant meat,cooked in the oven, especially if it's a duck in the sleeve for baking! Here are a few recipes for useful and incredibly delicious dishes from this poultry.

Stuffed duck in the sleeve

This dish requires:

- an Apple;

- prunes - 120 grams;

- duck - about 1,5-2 kg;

- Potatoes - 2-3 pieces;

- garlic - 4-5 denticles;

- spices, pepper, salt;

- honey - to taste;

- lemon juice;

- vegetable oil.

The duck should be thoroughly washed, then dried andto grease with honey. Then rub with the squeezed garlic, sprinkle well with pepper, salt, cover with lemon juice and put in the fridge for the night.

The next day take the duck from the cold. Take an apple, cut it into slices and, together with prunes, put the birds in the belly, adding spices, salt, pepper (you can replace the prunes with the apple, putting the diced potatoes inside the duck). Next, place the stuffed duck in a sleeve, overlapping with potato wafers. The sleeve should be well fixed on both sides and placed in the oven on a greased baking sheet. Cook at 195 degrees for two hours. Delicious and nutritious duck in the sleeve is ready! Served hot. Bon Appetit!

Duck in the sleeve with apples

For this dish, take:

- potatoes - 1 kilogram;

- salt, spices, pepper;

- Duck - 1 kilogram.

The duck should be washed, dried, rubbedspices, salt. Then peel the potatoes and cut into small slices. Then the bird must be stuffed with sliced ​​apples and potatoes. After this, place in the sleeve for baking and secure with brackets. Then put the duck on a baking tray and bake for about two and a half hours at 185 degrees.

Duck stuffed with potatoes and mushrooms

For cooking, you will need:

- champignons - 350 grams;

- salt pepper;

- duck - about 1.7 kg;

- potatoes - 700 grams;

- onion - a couple of pieces;

- vegetable oil.

First you need to chop the onions with semicircles, andmushrooms - with plates. Rinsed and peeled potatoes cut into cubes. Fry the mushrooms with onions in a hot frying pan, pouring and pepper them. Next, add potato cubes to the pan and fry for 8 minutes. Wash the duck, dry it, rub it with spices to taste, pepper, salt and stuff it with fried vegetables. The abdomen of the bird can be sewn with culinary threads, and then place it in a sleeve for baking. Cook the dish in the oven on the baking sheet for one and a half hours at 145 degrees. To duck was with a ruddy crust, you need for 17-20 minutes until ready to cut the sleeve and give it a blush. Cut the sleeve carefully, so as not to burn yourself with hot steam. Duck in a sleeve stuffed with potatoes, ready! Serve with fresh vegetables. Bon Appetit!

Duck in the sleeve, stuffed with vegetables

What to cook a duck in the sleeve, you need the following products:

- champignons (you can use other mushrooms) - 250 grams;

- potatoes - 300 grams;

- sweet pepper - 1 piece;

- duck - about 1.6 kg;

- onion (large);

- carrots - 1 piece;

- vegetable oil;

- salt pepper.

First, you must rinse the duck carcass and dry it. Then rub carefully with spices, salt, pepper and leave for a while at room temperature.

In the meantime, you need to rinse all vegetables, chopbow semirings, potatoes - small slices, carrots - cubes of small size, pepper - straws, mushrooms - plates. Then lightly fry them in a frying pan. Now that all the vegetables are ready, you need to take a duck and stuff it with toasted vegetables. Then put the bird in the sleeve and secure it on both sides. Then you need to put the dish on a baking tray and cook the duck in your sleeve at 175 degrees for an hour. In doing so, pour a little water on the baking tray.

Delicious and fragrant duck ready! Bon Appetit!