How quickly to cook peas? Advice

How quickly to cook peas? It is such a difficult question that confronts the culinary experts who first discovered the cookbook. In this article we will consider in detail all the methods of cooking this legume, and you will finally learn the secret of instant cooking. Brewing peas is a whole art, which can be mastered only in the process of persistent study of the recommendations of experienced chefs and their mandatory application in practice. Right now we will do it. First, it must be mentioned that peas can be in different states: fresh, frozen, dry and canned. Of all these species at the moment, we will only be interested in two: dry and frozen.

how quickly to cook peas
How quickly to cook peas so that it does notlost useful properties? By the time for the preparation of crushed peas takes about 50 minutes, but sometimes more depending on the variety. The whole is cooked for about 1 hour 30 minutes. It is clear that the crushed peas in you will cook faster. All experienced culinary experts know a special rule: any bean cultures, including peas, must first be soaked in cold water for a night or at least 3-4 hours. As you can see, this option takes a lot of time, so we are not suitable, because we want to cook the dish immediately. how quickly cook peas without soaking?

With the addition of butter

The process of cooking peas can be reduced by adding butter during cooking (1-2 teaspoons). Salt all the leguminous plants recommended at the end of cooking.

With the addition of soda

How quickly to cook peas in another way? There is one more method: during cooking, add soda (2 liters of water - 0.5 teaspoonfuls). And in a quarter of an hour - the dish is ready.

Some soak peas in soda water for 1-2 hours. For 200 ml of water - 1 teaspoon of soda. Then it is thoroughly washed and cooked for only 30 minutes.

Many experienced housewives do not recommend using such a recipe with the addition of soda, preferring the classic option or other methods of quick cooking.

With the addition of cold water

How to quickly cook peas with the help of addingcold water? We tell more in detail. Peas thoroughly rinse under a jet of cold water until it becomes completely transparent in the pan. Pour it with water so that it is only slightly covered. Put on a strong fire, after boiling, reduce. When evaporating, add cold water again, so that it barely covers the peas. Repeat this procedure three times. The main condition - water in all cases should be very cold.

Recently, unusual black peas appeared on sale, which is distinguished by small dark seeds of oblong rhombic form. Prepare such a variety in a similar way.

black peas

Vitamins and minerals contained in peas

boil a pea
Peas are rich in various vitamins and minerals: B1, B3, B6, H (biotin), PP, magnesium, vanadium, potassium, copper, cobalt, boron, selenium, zinc, sulfur, molybdenum, iron, chromium, phosphorus, manganese, silicon. Unfortunately, because of the long process of preparation, the hostesses do not always want to "mess around" with him.