Restaurant "Karl and Friedrich", St. Petersburg

Every person dreams of getting into a fairy tale from childhood. Some people, becoming adults, do not just dream of miracles, they create them for the joy of others. The exclusive restaurant "Karl and Friedrich" on Krestovsky Island is a luxurious complex, impregnated with the spirit of old German fairy tales. Its exterior and interior are stylized to the Bavarian suburb.

The institution has repeatedly received the title of "Bestrestaurant of St. Petersburg ". It is considered an excellent place to relax. Although the institution is located in the heart of St. Petersburg, it was arranged so that it looks more like a country restaurant.

Description of the restaurant complex

The complex includes: restaurant "Karl and Friedrich" with three rooms, a children's room, a compact author's brewery. The institution looks like a windmill, crowned with a tiled roof. In addition, it includes a birgarten (garden with a bar, a stage, terraces, a dance floor), a brazier, a pati-tent, a pizzeria, a souvenir shop, a children's veranda, a playground, a mini zoo named after Cheburashka and free parking.

restaurant Carl and Friedrich

On the territory of the complex there is one morerestaurant - "Russian fishing". It adjoins the South Pond with a fishpond and a floating veranda. The institution has summer terraces, a barbecue area, a children's veranda and a playground. Between the institutions there is a sculpture in honor of the "Bremen Musicians".

Location of the restaurant complex

The institution is located on the territoryKrestovsky Island, where the Seaside Victory Park is located. The exact address of the restaurant "Karl and Friedrich": St. Petersburg, South road, house 15 on Krestovsky Island. The easiest way to get to the institution is to drive on your own car and park in a free parking lot. But then, apparently, will not be able to taste exclusive beer, which is brewed right in the hall of the institution.

The nearest metro station (Krestovskyisland ") is at a decent distance from the institution. From her to the restaurant-brewery you have to walk on the street Ryuhina. At the intersection with the Krestovskaya road, turn right and walk to the South road. A long walk is pretty enjoyable. After all, the restaurant disappeared in the depths of the picturesque park complex.

address restaurant Karl and Friedrich

Restaurant design

The place is made in the traditional styleBavarian beer mills. In front of visitors is a compact snow-white house, covered with a roof of red tiles, to which is attached a tower of rough stones with a weather vane. The original restaurant "Karl and Friedrich" (St. Petersburg) is surrounded by well-groomed lawns with wriggling ribbons of garden paths leading to birgarten, to mangal, verandahs and other areas.

The vast territory of the institution is successfully zoned. There are places for noisy companies, corporate groups and secluded corners for business partners, romantic couples and those who want to pacify. The interior design of the unusual restaurant is pretty simple. In the halls, wooden tables are surrounded by classical chairs, and on the verandas and terraces - benches.

The spirit of the ancient mill is saturated with the restaurant "Karland Friedrich on Krestovsky. The entourage of antiquity in it is emphasized by wooden pillars, massive beams, pottery, lanterns made of glass, framed by metal. Festive mood create bright linens and garlands from plants under the ceiling, latticed trellises, twined with ivy.

The atmosphere of home cosiness is achieved due toclassical fireplaces, panels, photographs and paintings within the walls. Colorite institution adds staff, dressed in national Bavarian costumes. From the windows of the establishment and its terraces, magnificent panoramas to the picturesque landscapes of Krestovsky Island are opened.

restaurant Karl and Friedrich on Krestovsky Island

Halls of the restaurant

In the tower, on the second floor, there is a room for children's entertainment. It has a dry pool, soft cubes, high chairs and a TV. Children are supervised by a nanny with animators.

The hall on the ground floor receives cheerful companies. Here on the stage there are noisy competitions, musicians perform. Live sets are so incendiary that guests arrange discos on the dance floor. Zones of the second floor are good for business meetings and seclusion. Wedding ceremonies and other celebrations are held in the "Tower" hall.

In summer, in the warm spring and autumn days, the restaurant"Karl and Friedrich" invites you to relax at the tables on the verandas, terraces and at the bar in the beer garden. Musical groups perform on the stage of the biergarten, the guests are lit on the dance floor.

Features of the institution

The restaurant holds theme parties. It organizes festivals and organizes festivals. In October, the day of the celebration of Halloween, the institution is turned into the castle of Dracula. In late September, the Oktoberfest festival opens. In August they are having fun at the festival of crayfish. In summer, in July, the traditional Day of Pig Screaming is held.

Here organize crazy competitions, exhibitionschildren's drawings, play tickets to the theaters and the circus, give presents, make free pictures, organize plentiful feasts, pour beer on the river, dance to ashes. In a word, having fun with the soul!

restaurant Karl and Friedrich on Krestovsky


Presentable restaurant-brewery "Karl andFriedrich "- an unusual institution, in which they are tasty and well entertained. Exclusive beer is brewed right in the restaurant building. Beer boilers are installed in the hall on the ground floor. Copper pipes with a beautiful reflection of metal, departing from them, stretch under the ceiling, harmoniously combined with massive beams and bring a special flavor to the interior of the institution.

The brewing process is managed by the presentprofessional. A brewer from Bavaria, along with his subordinates, drives four basic and several seasonal beers. An exclusive drink is poured into mugs of different sizes. Professionals are presented with large, liter, and for lovers - small circles filled with a wonderful foamy drink.

restaurant brewery Karl and Friedrich

When brewing beer restaurant "Karl and Friedrich" onKrestovsky Island strictly honors the imperishable rule of the “Munich law of purity” and observes the Bavarian recipes developed over the centuries. For the production of hop drink here use only water, malt and hops. Components for it are purchased only in the German provinces.

Guests of the institution appreciate this branded beer forexcellent taste and unique aroma. They often regret that dark beer is not served every day. The restaurant makes no secret of the production of foamy drink. Guests are always open the door to the brewery. Guided tours of it are free.

Kitchen traditions

Very interestingly organized kitchen in suchinstitution, as the restaurant "Karl and Friedrich" - it is open to the eyes of guests from all corners of the hall. Facility's menu is an original mix of European dishes. It is not tied to any particular European cuisine - Italian, French ... However, the main attention is given to German meat dishes.

Here they spoil the legendary Munich sausages,Oktoberfest chickens, German sausages, pork knuckle, sauerkraut duck, Ribai steak, divine salads, rich smoked soups, pasta "Alfredo". The restaurant serves dishes that are ideal for beer, for example, crayfish dishes, beer plates, and fish platter.

Since the restaurant "Karl and Friedrich" is glad to everyonethe guest, even the smallest one, has a luxurious children’s menu, including delicious desserts. The kids enjoy eating handmade candies, chocolate cakes and other goodies.

Mini zoo

The territory of a small zoo and its inhabitants are carefully monitored. It is constantly being improved and improved: they add small architecture, decor and occupy new inhabitants.

Visitors to the zoo allowed for free. They are allowed to feed the animals with apples, carrots, cabbage, lettuce, brought with them. Those who have not grabbed food for the smaller brothers, but want to indulge them with goodies, the restaurant "Karl and Friedrich" offers to buy the appropriate food. Visitors bring so much food for the inhabitants of the zoo, that they sometimes do not have time to eat everything.

Karl and Friedrich restaurant photo

Plump rabbits with different coat colorsmove freely around the zoo. Many animals live in well-groomed spacious enclosures. Luxurious ostriches - the pride of the zoo. Chickens of different species, important turkeys, an owl, peacefully dormant during the day, feel great there.

With comfort in the zoo settled north andspotted deer, goats, chanterelles and other animals. These are the small joys that Karl & Friedrich gives to its guests - a restaurant whose photo is impressive and makes you want to look into a wonderful establishment.

Reviews of the restaurant "Karl and Friedrich"

To many St. Petersburgers and guests of the Norththe capital makes a good impression this restaurant. Many visitors chose him as their permanent resting place. Most guests recommend the institution to friends. "Karl and Friedrich" - a restaurant, reviews of which are nice to read.

Visitors like the interior of the establishment since 1500seats They celebrate its style, sophistication, the use of wood in the design of the premises. Admire the landscaped zoo and its inhabitants. It is attractive to them in it and the fact that for children there is a room with a nanny and animators, a playground and a separate menu.

Many people come here to, dance, tasty snack, taste quality beer at a reasonable price. Almost all guests order a tasty foamy drink, relying on their own preferences or recommendations of the staff. Waiters bring the menu without delay, offer drinks.

restaurant Karl and Friedrich St. Petersburg

Restaurant menu is a regular thin newspaper withthe history of the restaurant on the first page, the range of dishes and drinks on the subsequent sheets. The menu gives the impression of diversity, not just a selection of traditional dishes. Guests are invited to enjoy fish appetizers, seafood, hot dishes, soups, salads and desserts.

Service in "Karl and Friedrich" at the height. The waiters are polite, active, friendly, always near. They come up when they see empty plates and glasses, clean the dirty dishes, they are immediately interested in whether guests want to order something else. Naturally, someone wants to come back here more than once to try dishes with original names, enjoy your favorite drinks.

The disadvantages of the restaurant include the fact thatthe place is too far from the metro, on weekends and holidays it is crowded with visitors (which makes it stuffy in the halls). Prices for individual dishes, according to some guests, are too high.