Kazan, restaurant "Pashmir": description, menu, reviews

There is a considerable list of places that are necessaryvisit everyone who wants to fully explore Kazan. Restaurant "Pashmir" takes its place in it. This institution was to the liking of many visitors who speak only the best about their vacation within its walls. More information about reviews, prices and services can be found in the article below.

Location and mode of operation

Today, visitors are sometimesan impossible task is to choose one place where you can regularly spend time. A wide variety of establishments confound anyone who decided to spend time outside the walls of their home. Many have seen the restaurant "Pashmir", which is pleased with a pleasant atmosphere and quality services. It is visited by people of all kinds of interests, activities and demands, because they all see in the restaurant "Pashmir" an ideal place for a pastime.

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You can find it at:Kazan, Hadi Taktash Street, 30. It is located on the lake shore in the historical part of the city. This allows visitors to enjoy a beautiful view of the Old Tatar Sloboda. In the warm seasons from the balconies of this place you can contemplate the beauty of the main sights of the city. Such a wide range of possibilities can be offered only by the restaurant "Pashmir". Contacts of the institution are known to many residents of the city. It is not difficult to get to it. It is worth to ride on the subway, get up at the station "Sukonnaya Sloboda", make a small walk and bury oneself in the doors of this place, which, by the way, are open at any time of the day and any day of the week.


Each city can boast its own listworthy of rest places. Kazan is not an exception. Restaurant "Pashmir" confidently takes the position of one of the best institutions and confirms this by a high level of work. This place should be classified as elite, although people enjoy different moments in it enjoying free moments. For the first time the restaurant received guests in December 2007. Outwardly it is a two-storey building, which is difficult not to notice. An interesting architectural solution distinguishes this institution from the mass of others. A large space allows you to rest at the same time more than 300 visitors, each of which will not be deprived of attention and care.

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In the summer, guests of the Pashmir restaurant alsocan be located on the open veranda, which is designed for eighty seats. In the institution competently executed zoning, allowing everyone to find their place in such a large building. In the halls there is the possibility of adjusting light and sound. Guests are also offered to relax under the sound of good music and with the smoke of all kinds of hookahs. Fast and courteous service, individual attitude to each guest, the perfect atmosphere for any event, from a romantic date to a business dinner - all this will win the heart of even the most biased visitor and provide bright, positive emotions.


Kazan, restaurant "Pashmir" is an excellent choice notonly on the part of services, but also in terms of appearance. The whole building is made in a futuristic style, in which the best trends are reflected in the interior. The project of this stylish and cozy corner was developed together with famous Moscow restaurateurs.

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As a result of their work, a veryan unusual institution in which I want to spend as much time as possible. Luxurious carpets, pillows, comfortable sofas, rich colors in decoration, fireplace in the form of Uzbek melon - all this looks in harmony with the atmosphere that prevails in the walls of the institution. Everyone who has decided to learn everything about a place like Kazan should definitely visit it. Restaurant "Pashmir" retained the style and oriental motifs, comfort and functionality, warmth and comfort.

Menu and prices

"Pashmir" (Kazan) - a restaurant, the menu of whichis built on European and Uzbek culinary traditions. Everyone who has crossed his threshold gets an opportunity to taste incredible culinary masterpieces prepared by the chefs' golden hands. The main menu is very extensive, which allows guests to choose something according to their tastes and preferences. Also there are special dishes that make up individual menus, for example lean. In orders often there are noodles with veal and vegetables, manti, shurpa, pelmeni with tiger shrimps, baklava, rolls with dried apricots. Special dishes of the restaurant "Pashmir" - lamb on a spit. The average check is 3000 rubles.


Rich impressions, smiles on faces and wordssincere gratitude - that's what characterizes the restaurant "Pashmir" (Kazan). Reviews about this place say that the institution really knows how to realize the wishes of its guests in a qualitative way. Many argue that this is the most atmospheric restaurant in the city.

restaurant pashmir kazan reviews
His services, services and furnish will please even the most sophisticated visitor. Restaurant "Pashmir" knows what to offer its guests and what they can not refuse.