Restaurant "Pitcher" on Anokhin: reviews and photos

An ancient Georgian proverb says: the guest is the messenger of God. That's why the hospitable Georgian master does not spare his dearest supplies for the dear guest, and legends are formed about the famous Georgian hospitality.

Georgian cuisine restaurant "Kuvshin"

Tourists in this country love. For the sake of them noisy feasts with the best dishes and wines, fervent jokes, lingering songs and wise toasts gather. But to feel all the charm of such a celebration, it is not necessary to go to Georgia. It is enough to visit the cozy Moscow restaurant "Kuvshin" on Anokhin.

Restaurant "Pitcher" on Anokhin
This institution revives the ancient traditions of Georgian hospitality and cordially opens the doors for visitors.


The restaurant was opened in 2010, and since thenthe design of its interior changed little. All the same combination of warm beige tones with bright greenery of living plants still pleases the eyes of regular guests of the establishment.

On the flower bed next to the restaurant is conveniently locateda sculptural group of three earthenware jars. This small detail immediately makes the visitor remember the luxurious dining tables where the wine is poured by the river at the meal. By the way, just from such clay jugs.

The restaurant "Kuvshin" on Anokhin consists of twohalls: the main one, which accommodates 350-400 people, and the summer verandah with 150 seats. Both halls are unique. The interior is a true embodiment of the comfort and comfort inherent in the eastern dwellings.

"Pitcher" - restaurant on Anokhin
"Jug" - a restaurant on Anokhin, whichoffers visitors to relax and relax on the soft armchairs and sofas, covered with plump, colorful cushions, under the lingering sounds of jazz and Georgian national melodies. Particular luxury is given to the room by details: heavy chandeliers and candlesticks, a massive fireplace. The eastern color of the premises is supported by traditional smoking devices - hookahs, which can be used by every guest.

In the design of the restaurant used a largenumber of natural materials: wood, stone, textiles. On numerous shelves here are jars with pickles, baskets of fruit, dishes and, of course, jugs, jugs and pitchers of all shapes and sizes.

Landing places are so well located onthe territory of the hall, that each guest feels securely hidden from prying eyes. That's why this place is suitable not only for friendly gatherings, but also for romantic meetings.

In the inner hall there is a dance floor and karaoke, where every visitor can show off his talent. There are also performances of invited dance groups or show business stars.

Summer terrace looks lighter and airythe main hall: here you can clearly see the orientation towards the village style. Wicker furniture with textile inserts and wooden tables are buried in greenery and flowers. The veranda is divided into several landing areas, separated from each other by tubs with plants or light wooden screens. Here there are also several gazebos.

Restaurant "Pitcher" by Academician Anokhin
When you come to the restaurant "Pitcher" on Anokhin, you do not want to leave!


The basis of the restaurant is Georgian cuisine. Khinkali, khachapuri, satsivi, chakhokhbili ... Some of the names of these dishes cause an appetite to unravel in anticipation of unprecedented delicacies.

Restaurant chefs know that Georgian dishesrequire a special approach. Recipes of the best Georgian dishes have not changed for centuries, which means that they can not prepare on a modern electric stove. That's why the restaurant "Jug" at Anokhin offers its visitors a lot of traditional dishes cooked on the grill. Culinary products fried on open coals, acquire not only a truly charming flavor and aroma, but also retain their full benefit.

Georgian pastries, made in a wood-fired oven, will surprise any gourmet. And in the arsenal of cooks "Pitcher" more than a dozen recipes khachapuri, mchadi, lobiani and lavashi.

In addition to Georgian dishes, the menu is wideEuropean cuisine is represented. The menu of the restaurant "Kuvshin" was not without the traditional "Caesar", borscht, okroshki and juicy beef steak "Ribai". Therefore, visitors who do not have a strong love for spicy and fragrant Georgian dishes will not remain hungry.

Restaurant "Jug" also boastsa huge selection of desserts: cakes, pastries, ice cream and fruits. Served here, and favorite by Georgians, the churchchel delicacy, representing long sticks of boiled grape juice with walnuts.

For any pleasure it is necessary to pay, therefore visitors of this restaurant should be ready to leave in an institution not less than 1500-2000 rubles.


Restaurant "Pitcher" by Academician Anokhin, reviews aboutwhich you will find a little lower, does not limit its visitors to the implementation of the dress code, but it is best to dress in the style of Casual.

"Pitcher" - restaurant on Anokhin (reviews)
The staff of the cafe will be very happy if the guestswill bring their children with them. They have a separate room in bright and juicy tones, where the kids can play, draw or sculpt. There is even a separate children's menu. At the request of parents, children will be entertained by professional animators, and the staff will conduct a fun master class in drawing or cooking.


Undoubted dignity of the restaurant "Jug"is its orientation on the ancient Georgian traditions of receiving guests. Each visitor will be able to feel the warm atmosphere of the Georgian feast. The restaurant staff is ready to give their guests a permanent holiday.

From Thursday to Sunday live music is played here, and visitors are given the opportunity to express themselves by singing a song in karaoke.

Additional services

Restaurant "Kuvshin" by Academician Anokhin, photowhich is presented in this article, offers clients the organization of various celebrations and banquets. The staff of the restaurant will take great care to ensure that the anniversary, wedding or children's holiday are unforgettable.

Another nice addition: the institution provides its visitors with free parking for cars. Guests can enjoy free Wi-Fi in the restaurant.

Restaurant "Pitcher" by Academician Anokhin (responses)
In addition to serving visitors on the premises of the restaurant, the restaurant is ready to offer its customers the delivery of meals at home. This service is valid for all residents of the South-Western District of Moscow.

Address and time schedule

0 reviews Address: city Moscow, Юго-западный АО, р-н Тропарево-Никулино, ул. Academician Anokhin, house number 58.

Phone: +8 (495) 755-01-97.

The restaurant is open every day from 12.00 to 23.00.


"Pitcher" - restaurant on Anokhin, reviews about whichmostly positive, leaves a pleasant impression for the majority of visitors. Guests praise everything: from delicious dishes to a good musical accompaniment. The interior and cozy atmosphere of the "Pitcher" attract more and more new customers.

Very satisfied with the service of guests with children. In the hall there are always animators who easily find a common language with the kids. Therefore, while the parents are engaged in their own affairs, the children are not bored.

Restaurant "Pitcher" by Academician Anokhin (photo)
However, a lot of criticism is caused by staffinstitutions, in particular waiters. Their coldness and severely dosed communication with customers destroy the homey and laid-back atmosphere that the owners of the establishment were so eager to create.

The visitors of the cafe and karaoke are dissatisfied. In order not to hear the screams of tipsy "singers", many guests are forced to move to the summer veranda.