Restaurant "Maximilians", Kazan: review, menu and reviews

Kazan is one of the oldest and most beautiful citiesRussia, where more than 1 million people live. By the way, in 2005 the capital of Tatarstan celebrated the millennium. Here the infrastructure is well developed, and it is possible to visit the opening of any establishments of different orientations almost every day. There are many places of interest in the capital of the republic, because the city is quite old, but this article will not talk about this at all.

Today we will discuss the restaurant in detail"Maximilians" in Kazan, as well as its menu and prices for meals. In addition, we will talk about reviews, we will know the exact address and contact details, the schedule of work, the possibility of holding banquets and much more. Let's start right now!

A little about the project

The Maximilians Restaurant is part of thea fairly well-known network of restaurant clubs on the territory of the Russian Federation. For a long period of work, these institutions were able to win the love of the public and earn an excellent reputation, thanks to which the network continues to evolve.

Restaurant "Maximilians" (Kazan)

To date (end of 2016) in theNaberezhnye Chelny, Samara, Kazan, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Ufa, Krasnoyarsk and Tyumen, everyone has the opportunity to visit one or another Maximilian's restaurant. The menu of the Kazan institution we will discuss in the same article, but a little lower.

Directorate of this rapidly evolvingThe project asserts that in every club-restaurant of the network of customers not only very tasty food is waiting, but also a cozy interior, great atmosphere, pleasant background music and a high level of service. In addition, if you are going to have a good rest in a big company, you should definitely contact the Maximilians (Kazan) restaurant. Bavarian restaurant, like other institutions of the project, has an area equal to two thousand square meters. At the same time, the maximum capacity varies from 800 seats.

basic information

Kazan restaurant complex is located nearbyfrom the subway stations "Sukonnaya Freedom" and "Gabdulla Tukaya Square": Spartakovskaya Street, 6 (shopping center "Suvar Plaza"). If you plan to hold a banquet in the cafe or just want to ask any questions to the administration, call the following phone number: 8 (843) 526-55-66.

Restaurant "Maximilians" (Kazan). Bavarian Restaurant

Maximilian's restaurant (Kazan) operates according to the following schedule:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - from 11 to 2 am;
  • Friday - from 11 to 5 o'clock in the morning;
  • Saturday from 12 to 5 am;
  • Sunday from 12 to 2 am.

For special customers, the institution is ready to provide two VIP halls. In the first one you can relax with a company of 12 people, and in the second one can accommodate 16 people.


Restaurant Maximilians (Kazan) offerstry German dishes. The chef of the Kazan institution of the project is really proud of the cuisine and dishes prepared under his sensitive guidance. By the way, the main culinary specialist of this project is a man named Hans Voll, who has been a part of the association of chefs of Europe for several years.

Restaurant "Maximilians" in Kazan

Behind this man's shoulders is a great experience,thanks to which he creates author's dishes for the people of Kazan. In addition, the restaurant Maximilians (Kazan) has a unique menu, where the dishes are prepared exclusively in accordance with the main traditions of German cuisine. The main menu was developed by the chef himself, but it turned out to be more than worthy. Do not believe me? Then come and see for yourself!

More about the menu

When you go to the Maximilians restaurant(Kazan) and select a table, the waiter will come to you, who will specify which menu you will bring: the main, for the company, business lunches, bar, New Year (in the post- and pre-holiday period), as well as the menu where only branded beer is presented .

The main menu of the project is represented by a hugenumber of sections, however, there is no point in listing them. As for the dishes, in this article will be presented only those who received the greatest number of positive reviews from guests of the establishment.

For example, one of the most popular dishes hereis a pork shank, cooked according to a special recipe from the chef. Served this dish with a garnish of sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and mustard, and costs only 980 rubles.

Maximilian Restaurant

If you like salads, be sure to ordera unique "Napoleon" with a salted salmon. This dish is prepared from salad, cottage cheese, cookies, fresh cucumber, red caviar and other ingredients, and its cost is 440 rubles.

Desserts and Dietary Dishes

Something, and sweet dishes on the menu more thanenough. For example, you can order a classic creamy mousse for 230 rubles or homemade ice cream with nuts and halva for 80 rubles. In addition, a chocolate fountain is available for 220 rubles, a banana with ice cream and chocolate topping for 140 rubles, a pie with forest berries for 120 rubles, and a chocolate brownie with roasted walnuts for 200 rubles, a biscuit a cake for 240 rubles, an apple strudel for the same amount, a fruit vase for 880 rubles and much more.

Are you on a diet? Then, too, come to the restaurant "Maximilians" (Kazan), because here you will prepare special dietary dishes, and at reasonable prices. For only 230 rubles you can try shrimps in curd cream on rye bread, and for 280 rubles you have the opportunity to order "Olivier" from boiled beef with curd and mustard mayonnaise.

Also in the diet menu there are other dishes: soups, desserts, snacks and so on.

Special beer

This ancient drink is brewed here byclassic recipes that came to us from the West. In addition, you can see the cooking process with your own eyes by visiting the Kazan institution of the network. Of course, experienced specialists are engaged in brewing, who manage to make delicious drinks in the capital of Tatarstan.

Maximilian Restaurant

By the way, beer here is always fresh, and the maximum supply of this drink is 36 thousand liters. Come and try!


Guests of this restaurant agree thatthis is one of the best places in the city. Here is an excellent menu, delicious cuisine, chic service and a pleasant atmosphere. In "Maximilians" you can come as a company of friends, and a small family, and with children: they too can choose the most interesting dishes from the menu, because everything is clearly written.