Satsivi's recipe is for those who have never done anything like this.

The cuisine of each people has its own uniquedishes that become the property of many. For example, everyone knows that satsivi is a Georgian traditional dish. But who knows how to cook satsivi? I honestly did not know, so I decided to pick up recipes and useful tips. I will share this information with you.

Satsivi is a chicken cooked in a nut sauce.

Before you prepare satsivi, you need to understand what are the most important moments in this process. For me, it seemed important - the preparation of a nut sauce. But let's start in order.

So, for the Georgian dish, satsivi will need chicken, walnuts, spices and herbs, onions, garlic, and eggs. This is the main ingredient.

Satsivi recipe. Step 1. Chicken.

The hen is twice cooked.First, it is boiled and cut into portions. The next step is frying in melted butter. It is best to lightly not to form a hard crust. But someone brings the chicken in the oven. Finished slices sprinkle with herbs (dill, parsley, coriander).

Satsivi recipe. Step 2. Sauce.

Sauce from walnuts are made with the help of a meat grinder, a food processor, a blender.

Nuts choose light, good quality. You need to scroll in the meat grinder nuts two or three times. After that, they will start to emit oil, which you need (or you can) pour into a separate bowl.

Nut mass to connect with adzhika, grind. Add spices (hops-suneli). Pour the nuts with chicken broth (it's better to remove the one that's fatter from above). Stir the sauce, boil it.

Another recipe for satsivi offers in a nutty massrub raw egg, garlic, parsley, fried onions. After that, again pass through the meat grinder. Then pour in gradually chicken broth and whisk with a mixer at low speed.

You can make sauce and so.

In crushed walnuts add pounded garlic, salt, mustard, saffron and cloves. Grind until a homogeneous mass is formed in which to add a little citric acid.

Now prepare the broth.First, save the onion in oil, combine with flour, warm and dilute with chicken broth. This liquid and pour into the nut mass, and then boil. Raw yolks need to grind well, then dilute first with a small portion of the sauce so that there are no lumps. Then you can pour in the whole sauce, mix it.

Satsivi recipe. Step 3. Chicken in a nut sauce.

Now the prepared chicken pieces are poured with sauce. It is necessary to sustain a chicken in a nut sauce for at least four hours.

It is necessary to pay attention to one more subtlety of satsivi preparation. This is a set of spices. Depending on its composition, the taste and color of the dish has different shades.

What spice options are used when satsivi is made?

- garlic, coriander, hops-suneli, Imeretian saffron, black pepper, ground coriander;

- garlic, coriander, black pepper, cinnamon, clove, hops-suneli, red pepper, saffron.

Now about the number of products.One medium-sized chicken will require 400-500 g of walnuts, about 3 tablespoons of flour, 3 onions, a teaspoon of spices, one egg, 1 head of garlic (if large can be half.

In addition, that the nut sauce is filled with chicken, cooks began to use walnut sauce as a seasoning to other dishes.

Satsivi from fish.

500 g of prepared fish cut into portions, pour cold water with a laurel leaf and peppercorn. Cook for 30 minutes. Then take the fish, put it on a dish, pour sauce satsivi.

But from walnuts is prepared not only sauce "satsivi". There are also sauces "bazhi" and "satzebeli". The difference is in the set of spices and the order of preparation of the sauce.

So, for satsebeli in the nut mass with the broth is added wine vinegar. For bazh sauce, the walnut mass should be beaten to the consistency of thick cream and pour with nuts.