Restaurant "Feast" (Kazan): menu, description

In the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan there are many establishments,which pleases the eye and stomach of the inhabitants. These include a cafe with a national Tatar cuisine, and restaurants with European delights. Among all this diversity is the "Pir" restaurant. Kazan presents to tourists and residents of the city a whole complex that combines joy for the body and stomach. This association is not so common. Probably, this is one of the reasons for the popularity of the institution.

The Pir Restaurant. Kazan offers to eat and steam

What are the main advantages of this institution?First of all, in a successful and extravagant combination. The fact is that the restaurant is part of the complex, which also includes a wonderful steam room. Therefore, the owner of the restaurant foresees the desires of the guests: from a relaxing massage to a fragrant and tasty meal.

Also, the location of the institution was also successful.The restaurant "Pir" (Kazan), whose reviews are mostly positive, is located on the bank of the Nizhniy Kaban lake. This reservoir itself is a tourist attraction. In addition, the lake is quite picturesque. Not only guests of Kazan, but also local residents want to look at it from the windows of the institution or from a special veranda.

restaurant feast kazan

An interesting fact about Kazan

In this city, which is often called the thirdthe capital of Russia, the film "The Treasure of O.K." was shot with Alexei Vorobyov in the title role. The abbreviation stands simply - Lake Kaban. Therefore, visitors should learn more about this pond. Information about it is readily shared by the waiters of the establishment.

Many legends are associated with Lake Kaban.For example, according to legend, it is in it you can find treasures that belonged to the khan's queen. Tourists like this beautiful legend, so they often stop to dine at such an institution as the restaurant "Feast". Kazan in general can offer many beautiful places for visitors.

restaurant feast kazan menu

Menu and interior

But what else attracts the restaurant "Pir" (Kazan)? The menu offers to try the national Tatar cuisine. It includes horse meat, baking of different kinds, sweet honey chak-chak and much more.

The restaurant "Pir" was not an exception.Kazan also introduced a certain national flavor in his menu. However, in addition to triangles, elechi, shurpa and horse slicing, you can try a more familiar kitchen. According to tourists' reviews, special attention should be given to meat dishes. Steaks, chops, goulash - all this is worth trying all the meat eaters. However, for vegetarians, there is a good choice of dishes, besides green salads.

restaurant feast kazan reviews

In the summer there is an open veranda, from whicha magnificent view opens up. This clearly contributes to the binge of appetite. But in the cold season you can get aesthetic pleasure from visiting the restaurant. In the design we used cedar. Therefore, light colors predominate. At the entrance is the pride of the institution - a lamp in the form of a horse. A pleasant bonus is the availability of parking for customers, as well as the opportunity to order a hookah. Be sure to visit the restaurant if you are in Kazan.